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  1. There only scammers no frndly players just scamm and nothing more
  2. first time got scamm in tranfertranfer and post here more scammers ne be better to all know :dirol:
  3. necrodemo

    no transfers

    Scammer list: Gatesmrsk lvl18 rougue listeryne bd lvl20 did transfer 12pcs repair and scammed dont do with him transfer never >:D
  4. Why no more good gifts now is so little poor gifts old been more better like surprize chest?
  5. Wenn tourney rewards will change or cc will be forever ;D
  6. Hello guys i need help bcs my acc necrodemo is hacked with 4more chars ty all for help :facepalm:
  7. open ayvonbill other place were we can go more :dirol:
  8. dosent win in arena 2x2 3x3 5x5 only elfs win >:D
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