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    Coming Soon

    Hi evryone i wanna say HAPPY NEW YEARS my frnds players and admins. Lets wait all 2015 years with much funny and much fireworks. GOODLUCK
  2. necrodemo


    Hello i send ticket yesterday now i should wait 5days withou weekends?
  3. necrodemo


    what i need to say to get back my acc just answer it looks me u no matters or just ignore what il send lol
  4. Il been send to tech support but i didint got answer about my acc revoltzl its bored me wenn i have free time i want play ws but i no have any acc lol guys do tech support is working or not or u all been busy somwere guys understand me too i know i did bad and now im crying for me acc answer me why i not got back acc did u see pictures were i been send i waited 1month and more just answer what happen but i think u lock that topic and no answer me ?
  5. necrodemo


    revoltzl has been scammed today lvl24 ranger good amp . scammer name xomgx bann him acc forever the used program to scamm so easy i need to give me back but him xomgx i want u block him acc the is a scammer the can scamm many ppl
  6. nice guys cant wait tommorow ty u very much first helloween witch i cant miss
  7. do we will get helloween on ws if not then why all plqyers want it
  8. why we have ouest and get o from tower and waste stam in map1
  9. do want play with bugs , then wait till they finish lol
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