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  1. We need to test everything first :) But not weeks, I am sure.
  2. С удовольствием поиграю в прекрасно сбалансированную игру этого способного школьника.
  3. We need to take care of new classes first and then see about current ones. It's not that much time to wait :)
  4. Not this summer. Autumn and winter - as usually. 1. Yes 2. Don't know yet, most likely yes 3. No such plans
  5. Can't tell you about expert skills yet, so let's wait for few days :)
  6. My pleasure! Seeker and Hunter get physical + light armor, Charmer gets magical + cloth armor, Guard gets physical + heavy.
  7. Вы же еще не видели новые классы, к чему эти прогнозы-то?
  8. If I understand your question, he gets magical items and light armor until this system is changed so you can choose yourself. Si, senor!
  9. I think this is more important than some temporary event once again :) Gifts? Of course.
  10. Пока рано, до дня рождения еще довольно много времени
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