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  1. There is a technical problem in the area "Support" in the Warspear Online site. When using the "Restore to Password" it does not send the password pro email in which it was entered... Fix It
  2. bem meu amigo, seu caso e serio!! recomendo vc ir diretamente falar com os desenvolvedores na seção Support
  3. Ladygi, não dar mas!! estão cobrando um absurdo de reais por 180 coins via SMS, Porfavor ajude nos pobres jogadores brasileiros, vc entende como alguns de nós não tem total condição de pagar 6,00 de crédito por 180 coins Outro topico que Criei, vão lá gente se manifestem
  4. Moderators and Developers Warspear, if you're reading this, do something for us !! World Inflation and Taxes Extremes are horrible, please to lower the price of Miracle Coins by 25% is very expensive in many countries suffering from this
  5. The Service Purchase Miracle Coins by SMS in Brazil call FURTUMO, This service levy a tax of R $ 0.42 + Taxes government of the country, I believe that Warspear Online, can help us in reducing the minimum 25% value of Miracle Coins for all forms of payment because it is absurd even to the United States who also suffers major global inflation
  6. Sorry for the delay, but I was researching some things the Russian currency and the Brazilian currency and discovered that the Russians have a discount of 7.1% in Miracle Coins compared with Brazilians
  7. Mr. EPIR help much thanks -.-
  8. This is absurd !! You are charging R$ 6.00 per 180 Miracle Coins in Brazil !! R$6,00 I paid my actual round- trip ticket for my job, how do you do this to us Brazilians? we are 48% of the existing population in Warspear, Please absurd to lower this price, taxes Enough of our country
  9. Hello, honestly Secret Link of Druid ability to not harm anyone with his critics to heal, usually the heroes of the rogue class has two abilities that takes an extreme critic capable of killing a druid, new modifications just do not think this skill even because she already changes suffered enough, if you decrease the ability to druid, I'd better fix the serious bug in the skill redemption priest because of the shit that skill killed all my friends instead of curing them took 1000 points of their lives... Sorry, English Bad
  10. I was thinking, as has trade items in-game, is trading gold, but because the next exchange of gold does not change as Miracle Coins? I myself would like to sell gold Miracle Coins by using the Exchange service, Please add the possibility we're in the game
  11. Magored

    Bug Fatal Boss

    Well, from what I'm seeing bugs have 3 and all are related to the question of the character's life
  12. Magored

    Bug Fatal Boss

    English Fixed Jesus even seems to like talking rat, I'm a priest. So I was farming boss genie other my hp 1000 and it zeroed out of nowhere about 4 times in a row and I died
  13. Magored

    Bug Fatal Boss

    Anyway, The Bug is that when I kill one boss and to my life comes a certain amount, eg hp or 1,000 hp 700hp that some once and I knock boots
  14. Magored

    Bug Fatal Boss

    I even would find grace if my equipment had not broken, Today I kill boss genie dawn I followed all 4x 4x when my life came in the 1k 1k disappeared like magic and I already know I knocked the boots, little Berengar guards at all my friends died with 1400hp of nowhere !!! that? Oh No, My English is bad!! School '-'
  15. Moderadora, já está atrasado 7 dias o Halloween! Meus amigos estão anciosos e todos os outros games ja receberão atualizações pro Halloween. Porque o nosso ainda não recebeu? Se o evento de halloween não começa logo não vamos ter esperança de participar dele este ano! Já é dia 24 pf fale com os devs que queremos o halloween imediato
  16. BR-Tourmaline 1. Tourmaline (344281 exp) 2. SHEMALES (340979 exp) 3. METRALHAS (153449 exp) TOURMALINE #1 GOLD PRIMIER ;D
  17. But like, omg! Fixed a bug? until the next update ja vo ta bankrupt. :(
  18. What's going on? but I can not do blue quests from the current 4.1.0 update many hours have passed, the game ta buggy, and but once the team fails! what was meant is ready 14:00 CTM eventually leading all day and the biggest injury of the game, every time someone talks about a bug. I wonder if today will still be fixed!
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