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  1. Hello,


    I'm a fan of the style of game Warspear Online has to offer, however I'm extremely disgusted with their pay2win monetization model. Seeing as this game's pay2win stance is so hated amongst the community, I assume there has to be a more popular; free private server hosted by someone else.


    Can anyone make suggestions?

  2. Hello,


    Just starting the game today, and was interested with a few things:


    If I play with some friends of mine, are we all going to want to play the same faction/race? Theres very little info about the game I can find online, so I wasn't sure if the factions are warring and pvp is always on amongst them or if you can party with other races?


    I noticed this game has a cash shop... Is it pay 2 win? Or are there cosmetic only items in the shop?


    Level 20 is the max level correct?




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