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  1. Here, get this through your thick head and understand it well:

    Paladin is group play character, if you nerf its AoE, it will be useless as it was before the latest update. Weak in all aspects.

    As a Paladin, I expect not bad tank-ablities, good AoE control and support. As a DK, you expect strong defense and good 1 target lock. Each has its role, RPG, remember?


    Now whether or not the whole faction has too much AoE for wars, is another topic and can be dealt with with the next expert skills release. You don't f*ck up certain classes for wars, also affecting both PvP and PvE, in which they could make them (Mage and Paladin) weak with those f*ck-ups like before. The game is not only wars, hell, that's maybe less than 10% of the game.


    Paladin can stun 2 players for a short time, and do damage to both, but when they attack and stun him, gg, way too weak in defense.

    DK, and Barbs too, can tank and have its own roles in the game as the best tankers in PvE and PvP (1v1 and Arena too, if you had better gears with better def and resi, you'd know how tanky DKs are).


    And Illumination and all AoE obviously need target restriction in PvP, I didn't say no.


    then what do you propose you open minded person?

    fix aoe numbers by keeping things the same? :D


    god...atleast make some sense

  2. cried about a secondary buff and made the skill utterly useless lmao


    dk is strong enough when it comes to stunning 1 person...do you want r0land to come back here telling you that this game isnt about pvp?


    a stun based dk like me (max cd mana [guild buff]) cant simultaneously stun 2 players at the same time like palas and nuke em too :)


    so much bs to defend a broken skill set in a war game and you used to be against bds XD 

  3. Removes it or not, in your complaint, you're talking about effects in wars, well, it will have a bigger effect with bigger radius, then you will come and cry again and bla bla bla.

    Again, don't complain about Paladins, the fact that the class sucks in 1v1 and and tanking is enough, at least we have something now to be useful.


    simultaneous dmg output and stun

    or increased stun rate at the sacrifice of a nuke


    ill take the latter and everybody else here would agree also


    Make banner how it was before.

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