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  1. Selling ->  MC Side

    • [Great Gladiator Elixirs] x2 set

    Selling -> ELF Side

    • Rippers dagger x1
    • Inferno Bow x1

    Buying -> ELF Side

    • Shaman novice outfit
    Message me here or ingame with offers. Can negotiate the prices





  2. AT lvl 18 i would say go for 5 heal , 4 Blind , 4 Earthquake. If u aren't so good at placing earthquakes then go for 5 heal , 3 Ball , 5 Blind (or as ur skills say , up ur blind till u are lvl 18)

  3. lol its not secluded to only your race, you think youre the only ones that hold paint parties?



    google search



    If u meant this to me then i was just telling about the photo Nadon posted . Idk if there are other such festivals but that day its was HOLI. i am pretty sure it was about it ^^



    Didn't really get other festivals played with colors only the tomatoes watermelons etc etc . Ofc other people besides hindus must be also playing Holi , never denied that .






    this seems more like Business XD

  4. PPL throw colour in the air.



    Actually its applied/thrown on each others faces . Its really Fun , every street is like filled with aliens  ;D



    And yea i guess its celebrated in many other countries now wherever their is large residence of Hindus

  5. You should try TeamSpeak. Its awesome . I used to play a game in the past using that. It really gives a total different gaming experience and better communication. Works on almost every platform i think.



    Don't think this facility will be added in the game as it mainly concentrates on mobiles , but yea would love it!

  6. Yesterday after updating my game version i saw new payment system - SMS payment was available for India. I gave a try and it does not work and after contacting the Support i got reply that there is no sms payment in India so it does not work.



    If it doesn't work then the option should be removed as it costs the normal sms rates.



    Thank you.

  7. how is this giving them a "golden egg"? Its actually "killing" them. With this trick,as pliskin said, players wont gonna need to buy unity pots and arena tickets. All they need to have is time and wola, they can have unlimited quests and unlimited gp's without spending any single golds or coins(thats if your not gonna use unity pot.  :facepalm:



    I am speaking with context to the pic doboru posted

  8. you still cant get the point? This topic is actually suggesting to remove the gp earn on lowlevel quests(if i understood the sarcasms correctly).



    yea sure , as if they are gonna kill their "golden eggs" giving chicken

  9. its easier to level up than questing in lab specially when they dont know how to run lab faster. Maybe they preffer the easy way. Creatin and remaking characters. Theres been a unity pot sale days ago so im sure they bought bunch of it. Not costly coz theyre focus is only buying Unity pot. Tickets not.



    Well then maybe u shud do that if its not more costly then ur tkt buying method? coz devs never said u have to win tourny only with tkts



    Atleast its better idea then EU 5*5 self spam

  10. Our guild Pernicious is buying unity pots,arena tickets and what ever we needed in tourny. And them,buying only unity pot. I dont think its wasting money. So theyre not.  :facepalm:



    2 hrs pot . lets say he does 30 quests in that time = 30*16 = 480gp??



    On the other hand u submit just lab quests with pot = 80*7 = 480gp and u will still have 118mins of pot buff left. how is that not costly?

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