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  1. Yes.I think



    I rember when i once got suprise chests from an update or something,and if i opened one of em on my mage.I got my first suit-(Golden Valkriye dress)I still have it  :)






    What do you feel when you die at small ravva? :spiteful:

    Who invented death :rofl:




    Which car you'll pick against me in a friendly Drag race? 8)

  2. An app like this would be great for me!

    Liked the idea most because scammers will be significantly reduced.

    But i think devs won't consider this,


    -Its hard to make a totally new app.

    -And working on it will make a huge delay on future updates for current f2p.

    -And no one still surely can say that it will get populated enough to get their investment back.(Becuase there is a free version of same app)


    This are some of my thoughts! :)

  3. I know what you mean and sure other ppls happy with the mace,

    But the drop rate is to lowe for a green weapon.


    &i can disassemble it but its a green quality with luck i get a green essence, market price 300-600g.

    Or wait for Devs reply then take any decisions on Disassembly.

  4. Exactly but of course they have to discuss an item to get more of our hard earned gold. A discussion about an item is ludicrous. And don't forget to vote. ;)

    They probably will discuss when they'll be done working on it,like they do on every update!


    Voted :drinks:

  5. Hi Roland, I seen your reply on locked topic about the option to gain no exp for quests. I tried looking up a similar post as you stated but couldn't find it. I'm leading 5*5 lvl 20 and would like to farm faceless but I think it might be impossible. I am currently able to farm Spawn which is cool still being lvl 20 but with the new arena rating reset when leveling up I must remain lvl 20. If you could discuss the option to gain xp with your fellow devs that would be awesome. BTW an item seems a little much and saddens me if I would have to purchase an item to stop from gaining xp, but that's just me idk the process that you excellent devs go through on your decision making but keep up the great work we don't thank you guys enough but keep us in mind and thanks for reading.


                                  Have a good day, Oldris(3 year fan)

    Its still a secret that its either going to be an item or an option/button.

    r0land said "something like this" on a topic and the topic was about adding a "option" to stop gaining xp so lets hope we'll get an option soon! :)


    Just my random guess^ ;D

  6. Hello friends,

    We all have that feeling of droping an item by mistaking its icon or while we are in hurry so we select wrong slot and press "Ok" and later we realize that its lost same thing with Mails/Gifts we receive sometimes.


    Take a look at this incident,

    Player X have a +10 KW Bracelet and a Polished Bracler which is lvl 15 and worth only 100-200g(But icons of both items are exactly same*).Tourney just ended and he received his gift but his bag is full so in excitement he mistakenly drops that +10 gloves and he is still not aware because the Polish braclet is still there for him as KW gloves.But when he equips it and his defense dont get changed as usual and he realize that he droped wrong one and ofc its too late to realize it.


    So How it works,

    -After lvl3 on any char automatically unlock a feature thats called recycle bin.


    -It will have 10 slots in start and expandable with mcoin (up to devs).


    -So when you drop an item it'll be sent to recycle bin if slots are free in it.

    When recycle bin is full a message will be poped

    "Recycle bin is full,Do you want to trash the Item?"


    -Trash mean totally drop the item(out of the recycle bin too).


    -You can redeem any droped item untill recycle bin is autotrashed.Every players recycle bin will be auto trashed when the New Mcoin Shop Discount starts.


    -Or players Can go Recycle Bin>Menu>Trash for manual Trash.


    -Trashing will make recycle bin fully empty.


    -Players can redeem item from it as well.

    When player clicks on desirable item in Recycle bin there will be two options shown "Redeem" & "Trash".

    >if player will click Redeem the selected item will be sent back to his bag.

    >If he clicks Trash then only selected item will be sent out of recycle bin.


    This may solve many problem in my opinion!


    What you guys say? :)

  7. Rising topics from the dead. Let's say there's a topic that has fell to the unknown depths of the forum due to lack of recent interest. Posting in it will bring it all the way to the top and make people assume it's a new topic only to find out it was created before the ice age.


    Would you rather be blind or deaf?

    Deaf,Because seeing is believing.


    Mario or Luigi?

  8. Before adding cool things you're talking about,

    They must do something about drops because no one wants a pro heavy armor with "personal" parameters on healers or rangers/rogues.So only option left for it are Disassemble or Selling at NPC.

    I am not complaining about drop rate its ok but the system is worse.Guild(s) give their best competition to win #1's in tours and what they get after this tower is just gears they cant even equip? LoL :facepalm:


    "Rare drops? Ok

    Random drops? Holy crap No!"


    And adding cool things with rare drop rate(not random drop) is good!

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