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  1. Not "Can I", it's a 'must', that's why devs agreed on changing names thing because it will prevent from forum's accs scams! When you change your name you have to log using ur old name.


    its doesnt prevent forum account scams, regular users have 2 ways to see other's "old" account name  :facepalm:





  2. What is a problem with the direct gold exchange?

    Direct gold exchange is the problem i think :(

    Heres one normal example,

    While trading with unknown player you need to gamble 10-20k first to check if he pays back on other side.And even after it you cant surely say that next trade is going to be fine.

    So we need something official to trade from one side to another! :)

  3. There's no suggestion in your topic, you're asking them to make a feature.

    What so ever,its suggestion to add a feature :wacko: .And a feature like this could decrease spam of tickets in support as well as making players not to trust random players.So i am with it! :drinks:
  4. How about you let players buy premium account that gives following bonuses:

    10% increased drop rates

    10% more gold gained from quests

    15-30% more experience from daily quests

    double/triple experience on characters if there is one/two characters with higher level on the same account (would help battle people making every character on separate account).

    Think about the darkside "Sell premium account 1m" :facepalm:

    So no.

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