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  1. They looks pretty cool!

    But devs stated before that they're not planning any graphics modifications for now.

    So maybe in future,But the one you've posted are at very high resolution and its impossible to add same into game.


    Still i liked them!!

  2. Add Top ten "Us-Sapphire" Necros or it'll be moved to tavern


    Btw heres some of my fav necros












    Dont know last 6-10 cant remember all of them!

  3. Happened to me once, but I just conted writing it again and again until it worked! ::)


    Sometimes, it can be a wrong from you while writing, becareful! Also,

    Yes i was sure i writen them carefully first five attempts i was unable to figure outgoing on,then i picked my phone and wrote my pass and counted the alphabets in it then compared them with pc and i found whats going wrong :(


    Btw,Now i am okay because i shortened my password from mobile so i can use it easily now! :)

  4. Hi,Everyone

    I found this thing last night.

    I dont usually play Warspear on my pc(always play on android).But yesterday i tried playing on pc and found that maximum password length is 20 characters on pc and my password was 21 characters long so when i write the whole password i'll miss the last alphabet and password will be shown incorrect...


    So the suggestion is,

    Make Maximum/Minimum Password length same for every Platform/Devices!  :)


    (I'll add screenshots if necessary)

  5. hohola, A fictional character from non-live-action visual media (typically an anime, manga, or video game) that one is attracted to and considers a significant other.


    What's your real name? And what does it mean if it has a meaning?

    My real name is Vihar,And it means 'To wonder for something' ::)


    Do you play Minecraft?


  6. hes asking for an exchange system between the factions. I have mixed feelings about it, but maybe would even out the economy for both sides... making stuff cheaper.

    It would be more awesome if can exchange items as well,

    Example-Most hated item in mc Cross bow/Bows O:-)


  7. Low levels can farm low lvl main isle bosses which can drop catalysts and they can disassemble items to get craft resources.


    More information about bosses drop can be found in this quote:


    Hydra in Norlant:

    - Character of any level can get a Dungeon/boss item

    well,Have you ever tried farm main maps with low levels?its toooooooo hard to find a healer.I spammed world chat for around 5 hours and got a druid then we headed to forsaken commander and i got [Common Catalyst] :facepalm:

  8. Roland, we are both human. I understand maybe sometime you tire of all our complaints and dumb misuse of the forum. I am guilty of that i'm sure. I made this thread in my rage after you deleted the arena awards thread. I already somewhat regret it,  I know you are active on these forums and I actually do appreciate your efforts for the most part.


    If you care about this game (which I assume you do), then at the end of the day you are no enemy of mine.


    I would just ask that you be a little more patient with some of us, including myself. We spend a lot of time and money on warspear.

    Thats actually a good way to asking what you need! :drinks:

  9. Hello bhai log and meri jaanemans mwah mwah.

    ishh bedichod hai xD


    or despair teri mc bc bkl sali rand open a dictionary and see the meanings of guild and tavern.

    guild is formal association of ppl with similar interests and a group of ppl of a community can be classified in guild section as not every community can have their own language sections as fansites.

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  10. Dat Thread lolz



    r0land is: very nice,friendly,helpful,amazing personality and sense of humor,there when u need him,an ADMIN not a mod,...

    +1k for that!! :give_rose:

    And for topic,

    Developers know their job perfectly thats why they are Developers.


    And r0land would not delete or lock topic pointlessly. probably somewhere,Maybe not intentionally but one of your topic has violated EULA?so it has been deleted?

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