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  1. Main attack skills, like 'Flash Strike' for bds, it's the main attack skill for them, there's a main attack skill for each class if you noticed.

    Warlocks Dark Arrow is removed yet?


    No questions about the topic yet... but why did u choose such a vulgar name?

    Read it as Vag-in-a-dare and won't feel so vulgar. :rofl:

  2. Is this about Top 10 rogues really? Or it is about who is best between Cybernem and Turtle♥♥♥♥?

    Stop it guys lol


    Btw,heres mine












  3. Class-Mage

    Skill Name-None really comes up to my mind please suggest :wacko:

    -Mage calls down a mini Sun Guard to fight for him which lasts 15seconds.

    -Sun guard will fall down as a meteor dealing 50 damage in 4*4 yards.And will have normal 100 damage

    -Mage will lose some % of his mana according to damage done by Sun Guard.

    -Duration of Sun Guards life increases with skill lvl.

    -Skill level doesnt effect on its damage.

    Cooldown-50 second

    Mana cost-25?

    Feel free to modify :yahoo:

  4. I totally agree with it,And maybe if possible casters can use special shields called "Magic Shields" Which can help Casters get bit more physical defense?

    (Paladins/Barbarians/Death knights cant use it)


    Can be only used by mages, because warlocks can't use some major attack skills! I have np with the a lil bit add, but not too much dudes!

    What? Elfs isnt op enough now? :wacko:


    And for what does "Major Attack" stands for?

  5. Nop,India must place its foot in every aspects of world race.So MoM is one of the triumph in space race.


    If in future if we are able to live on mars,then US,Russia and UK would mark there boundaries on mars and tell whole mars belong to them.Then India can step in n tell Hey,We were also here and the Eastern side belong to us ;)


    Indians will corrupt Mars -_-

    Believe me!

  6. I didn't say make any class that already exist this way just add 1 class for each faction like this with different skills

    For me i would love to see new classes in a new race instead of adding them into old elfs and mc.

    Adding them into old elf and mc will make crybabies "Elf op" "mc op" :facepalm:

    (Just like banner did)

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