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  1. Who said there is no level 10 arena set? O.0

    And about graphics it has been suggested before,current graphics are not bad at all .and if you thinking to make something like '3D wasrspear' it wont be fun to play it becuase now we are addicted to this graphics.and if they even  focus on improving just little graphics there will be a major delay in next update + it will make download size more bigger and some people (especially with slow connection) will give complaints.so sorry but i will go with 'No' about graphics.

  2. Like your idea

    But Level cap is going up in one of the next major updates so with high level cap there will be probably high level arena set so till then lets wait.....;)


    so u think they remove costume as a reward like forever , i dont think so. they gave us cc as a rewards just because the update is about gear with cc as a currency for bought it. After it they will put back costume as a reward like usually. Think about last christmast they do same thing. Its not permanent.


    many people requested to change tournament rewards so yes,i think so.And i think getting all CC sets wont be easy and will take too long so this will be other reason of removing outfits from rewards :pleasantry: :pleasantry:
  4. tour will be suck with ppl staying at lv 2 guild same like arena rating, and i hate to see bunch tour costume everywhere , its suppose to be limited  :facepalm:  still doubt dev will consider this idea.


    After adding CC as tournament rewards i think they will surely remove outfits from reward.so there will be not too much outfits like you are talking about.

  5. Believe me they will!They could be lvl 4 guild members & create a lvl 1 guild to win easily, remember they'll be 40 members at least.



    *A change in the idea pls, lvl 1-2 guilds together & 3-4 would be better.


    Devs really care if someone make too many guilds?.i think not,because if they care about it so the current lvl3 chars for surprise chest and gp was supposed to be removed.


    And i thought same as your idea of lvl1-2 guilds together but remember lvl2 guilds got guild werehouse + magic def skill,but lvl1 dont.

    So it will be hard for 15(lvl1 guild) players to beat 20(lvl2 guild) players with no guild werehouse.so thats why i made just a different section for lvl 1 guilds. ;)

  6. Why a rich player will create many lvl1 guilds when hes already invited to some good lvl 3-4 guild


    And none of rich player would like to invest money in lvl1 guild(s) instead of it he will join high lvl guild and invest his money there.


    So in my opinion no rich player will like to do something like you told.

  7. Hi Friends,

    Since Development team described some part of upcoming major update and almost all players are disagreed with it.because its hard to win all tournaments,and the guilds who already won most of tournaments will have an advantage.and some low level guild wont be able to win tourney ever.

    So heres my idea,


    •First of all if you know arena systems you will understand this idea easily.

    •With this system all guilds can have chance to win tournaments

    •So in this system guilds will be separated according to their levels.

    •There will be sections

    Section 1] All lvl1 guilds will tournament here

    Section 2] All lvl2 guilds will tournament here

    Section 3] All lvl3-4 guilds will tournament here (lvl3-4 guild are together because some servers dont got enough lvl4 guilds to have tournament in different section)

    ★ Same will be applied for lvl 5-6 guild when we get enough guilds reached lvl 5-6


    Note - All tournament will start and end together,no start or end difference,no reward difference too. just their sections will be different.


    -When you open Menu>Guild>Guild Ratings


    It will show []


    And when you click any arrows it will show current rating of different sections.Same as we see arena ratings.

    [] (lvl 3-4 guilds are together)



    And so on for lvl 5-6 when engough guilds reached their


    Benefits :-

    Many players said that upcoming update is just advantage to guild(s) who already won lots of tournament

    -But with this system of tournament we can give chance to every guild even lvl1 guilds.


    Thanks For Reading!

    Feel free to share your ideas thoughts! :)

  8. Its Title Tells Everything.

    Let me explain a bit,

    •This system only work during big wars.

    •If 50 Sentinals + 50 Legionaries Meets at same area it will automatically start some new music,some Heroic music that will boost all warriors (players) to fight hard and win for their side.

    •It won't make big difference but everyone will love to fight in some new heroic music else then normal boring music during huge awesome wars


    Feel free to share your ideas n thoughts :)


  9. HI Guys,

    If you have already reached lvl4 magic weapon craft and crafted a staff called [Arcane Staff Of Meditation] and try to attack some one with it u must know it.That this staff shoots 'Arrows' instead of 'Blue Magic Balls' :crazy:.and its not a lie for prove my self i got screen shot below


    INFO -In the picture no one is shooting from behind me or its not photo shoped :facepalm:


    in my opinion it looks totally hilarious. When someone sees u shooting arrow out of staff and then he starts spamming for link of your weapon :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: And it makes u feel like celebrity xD ;D


    Hope this will be fixed soon  ;)


  10. I was just taking look at new costumes in caskets  and accidentally clicked 'Into chat' then it was sent to trade chat and i found it didnt showed name it just shown something like that in the picture

    >It shows same [] (box) when u link any caskets Golden,silver,bronze



    Hope u fix it :good:


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