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  1. Give rogues,

    -SG grenade with 50% dodgd

    -HE grenade with 500 dmg with burn over time effect

    -M4A1 which  fires at 100% attack speed

    -Bullet proof jacket with 100000 defence

    -GPS to spot their enemies

    -Homing Missiles for runners

    -A spare nuclear ICBM to destroy towns

    -And MP3 player to listen while killing loads of elfs ;)

  2. Agree with it strongly!

    How about adding skill book where u have details of your basic+expert skills with every single detail of specific skill.

    And you can even add/edit data about skills in it(helps while calculating new skills).

    Details like,



    -Damage increase %

    -Defense increase %


    So in skill book you can have every single detail of a specific skill.

    Example- Healing Dew [Druid]

    Skill lvl-5/5

    Info-For a period of time health of druid(player) or his ally will gradually healed,using magic power

    Amount of heal done-200 x 5 = 1000(just a example)


    Amount of heal added in next lvl up-Skill is already at max lvl.


    Amount of Crit heal done- 400! (Just example)


    Cooldown- 9.6 second (just example)


    Personal notes- here you can write your own data on this skill for example 'what can be a druids maximum heal?'

    '1 magic dmg = how much heal?'




    This can maybe solve the problem? :)

  3. before anything, they should do something about the catalysts, those things are a pain to get.

    craft is like for riches only or in game slaves that waste a whole year to get enought catalysts.


    Agree with u bro :'(

  4. Hello,Friends

    Crafting has become much popular activity so how about adding a craft job for Damage l/ll/ll & Defense l/ll/ll.


    This how it will work,

    This job Will be added in 'Magic Weapon'

    Some new crafting resources will be added too.


    ★~Damage Catalyst

    -> Will be little less harder to find then other catalyst.

    Obtained from- Tower,Bosses (withs same conditions  like now)


    ★~Defense Catalyst

    ->Will be easiest to find with good drop rate.

    Obtained from- Tower,Bosses(with same conditions like now),Mobs from lab (same drop rate as reliquary)


    ★~Sphere Breakers Rod

    ->This will be little harder to get.simply same drop rate as [Ethereal Catalyst].


    (Use of this resources is explained down)

    So lets get started,


    ★Sphere Of Damage/Defense Enhancement l★

    Job rarity- Common - one time a day



    Required Resources

    1]-Damage/Defense Catalyst.Minimum 1.Maximum,up to player


    2]-Disciple's Sphere.Minimum 5.maximum,up to player


    In Short > [Damage/Defense Catalyst]x1

                    +[Disciple's Sphere]x5

                  = x1 [sphere of Damage/Defense Enhancement l]


    ★Sphere Of Damage/Defense Enhancement ll★

    Job rarity - Hard - one time in four days



    Required Resources

    1]-Damage/Defense Catalyst.Minimum 2.Maximum,up to player


    2]-Sphere of Damage/Defense Enhancement l

        Minimum 2

        Maximum,up to player


    3]-Disciple's sphere.Minimum 10.maximum,up to player


    In short > [Damage/Defense catalyst]x2

                    + [Disciple's sphere]x10

                    +[sphere of Damage/Defense Enhancement l]x2

                  =[sphere of Damage/Defense Enhancement ll]x1


    ★Sphere Of Damage/Defense Enhancement lll★

    Job rarity - Rare - Once a week


    Required resources


    1]-Damage/Defense Catalyst.Minimum 5.Maximum up to player


    2]-[sphere of Damage/Defense Enhancement ll]

        Minimum 4

        Maximum,Up to player


    3]-Disciple's Sphere.Minimum 15.Maximum up to player


    In Short - [Damage/Defense Catalyst]x5

                      + [Disciple's Sphere]x15

                  + [sphere of Damage/Defense Enhancement ll]x4    = [sphere of Damage/Defense Enhancement lll]x1


    ★Breaking Spheres★

    Breaking spheres is simple as Disassembly.

    Job rarity - None - Permanent


    Required Resources

    1]-Sphere of Damage/Defense Enhancement l/ll/ll

        Minimum 1

        Maximum,Up to player


    2]-Sphere breakers Rod.

        Minimum 1

        Maximum,Up to player


    -This job will simply break the sphere u want

    And will give u items as below


    Breaking Sphere Dmg/Def l


    - x5 Deciple's spheres

    - 5% Chances of getting Dmg/Def Catalyst


    Breaking Dmg/Def ll


    -x2 [sphere of Damage/Defense Enchantment]

    -10% Chance of getting Damage/Defense Catalyst


    Breaking Dmg/Def lll


    -x4 [sphere of Damage/Defense Enhancement ll]

    -15% chance of getting Damage/Defense catalyst


    Amounts/Rewards/Required Resources are up to devs.this is just my suggestion


    Thank for reading :)

    If u get stuck somewhere feel free to ask!

    And I would love your opinions!!!:)




  5. It has been suggested before..

    And this are my opinions

    -Disagree for the fighting and lvl up because we have minions for that.


    -Agree if they are only used to ride faster then walking!


    -And timed life is best because have you ever imagined a Caravan full of pets? :rofl:


    Just my thoughts :)

  6. I have np, but it'll bring problems to Aigrind team and company, players could steal the story by recording it and uploading it on yt on their names, when it's by downloading it's safer, maybe they could make it able to be downloaded on all devices and problem is solved!


    First Aigrind must upload it on Youtube officially.

    And then add story feature to game.

    Then every thing is solved ;)


  7. This suggestion is small and won't make big difference to game but will be pretty cool.

    So here it is,


    Android users have already seen the orignal story of warspear (the app 'Warspear Story' which can be found in play store)

    •So the idea is to add that story when you create a new hero the system will show you that story(with music).

    *And with this game will look pretty cool. ;)


    Just little suggestions

    Feel free to share your opinions :)



  8. How about adding a 'skill bag' where you can just store skill related item example : [Throwing knife]


    And when skill bag is full it will automatically start storing skill related items in normal bag.


    Just suggestion ;)

  9. Oi!

    Atleast,make a change that you can't stay on a location for more than 30s.If u stay for 30s+ then u fall into the pit n let puma eat u!


    If this system i wont say Oi ;D


    But for current system Oi !!!!!!!!!!

  10. Holmes: Houston, this is the topic number???

    Houston: Oh ya,, this is number 2m.

    Holmes: Oh well, give him this.

    Houston: Okays, I will do.


    :rofl: Nice one!

    But still development team is sleeping :facepalm:

    Hope they wake up soon :facepalm:

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