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  1. No, the system is fine as it's, but a pop-up after amping to +1 saying "Are you sure you want to amplify without "Sign of Imperishability" ?" would be a nice one.


    This idea is really good. :)

    Also add a toggle On/Off for this too.

  2. Of course I would run around completelly naked and fap occasionally on strange places.


    Or maybe find a decent home, search for necessary items, and then try to survive as long ass possible. And fap occassionally.




    If you could travel to any place on earth on a free vacation, what place would that be?


    I would travel to NASA headquarters and then out of earth.8)


    Your favourite pokemon?

  3. Lose 10% hp? So if a pala uses a banner in war and deals 1500, relatively low dmg, on like....10 targets, he looses half of his health? Lol.  I think it would be better if the area is decreased to 5x5.


    Thats why pala needs to worry about where to put his banner n dont be a banner dependent. ;)


    and Ik the range must be decreased to 5x5 but some ppl still gonna cry in this range too....

  4. i use the foruns more than play the game  :dirol:

    my friendlist is full in 3 chars n all in the list are pretty much 24/7 offline now. also gotta kick dead chars from guild quite often.


    mcsaken is dying for a pretty obvious reason.

    banner is a nice example of it.


    Mc saken always love to cry banner is just a excuse for it...
  5. First of all i didn't made this topic to cry about banner.its just my suggestion to make banner balanced.


    Its Simple,

    Paladin will lose some % of his hp according the damage done by banner.so how much more damage he will deal more hp he will lose.


    For example- The amount of losing hp is 10%.

    -a paladin done 1000 damage by banner so he will lose 100 of his hp.


    Hope this kind of banner will be fair and balanced.

    What you guys say?:)

  6. Yes!  And also LISTEN YOU DEVS i hate when i ignore some jealous noob then they just make 10 OTHER accounts to pm me on! Wtf right? Makes ignore feature useless. Take a note from Runescape and add a "Toggle Offline/Online"  feature.  When its toggled off no one can see that your online and no one can pm you or invite you,  it would just say im not online. And when its on anyone you haven't ignored can be free to pm / invite you.


    Cool idea would love it ingame!
  7. Hi friends,

    Heres a small idea which can make arenas look more realistic!

    Here we go


    Its all about adding some simple tags while in arena


    -First blood-First kill in arena-'Player xxxxxxxxx has just drew first blood'


    -Double kill-Two kills in raw- 'Player xxxxxxxxxxx is on double kill!'


    -Rampage-Three kills in a raw-'player xxxxxxxxxx has RAMPAGE!'


    -Ultra kill-Fours kills in raw-'Players xxxxxxxxxx has got an ULTRA KILL!!!!'


    -Godlike-Five kills in raw-'Player xxxxxxxxxx is GODLIKE!!!!!'


    -Wicked Sick-When killed a runner-'player xxxxxxxxxx is wicked sick'


    *Hope we can have same music as the tags :)*


    And same stats will be counted in Arena ratings

    Example- Player Vrocks

    Rating- 300000

    Double kills-7


    Ultra kills-2

    Godlikes-100 ( sry its in my nature 8))

    Wicked sicks-6

    And so on....


    And one more thing should be added,the Kill/Death ratio beacuse it will be helpful with the new tags


    Hope you like it:)

    And share what you think on it? ;)

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