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  1. First of all this must be posted in Question & Answers.


    And here are some possible answers,

    -By 'no free space' they meant no space in you Craft Slots.


    -And dont forget to redeem your craft reward after it shows "X craft job is done".Or it will show 'full' forever.


    -You have just started it means you have only one Crafting slot for now.


    -You can open more Crafting slots by leveling up in any craft profession.


    -You can check this for detailed help, http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=106536.0

  2. Mother Russia.


    What is your biggest question about arenar's (the world of warspear's) history?

    If you have downloaded warspear story you must have seen the spear was broken in the battle between Harad,Naudu and Garan and made the whole arinar separate in four pieces.

    But in Snow event (the last one) in the highest lvl dungeon at end where we fight garan there you can find that spear fully in good condition (not broken).This is the biggest question for me.



    Why is the spear still there?(according to the story i told up)



  3. -Click and check items and prices everytime while exchange (even with your best friend).

    -Avoid advance payment.Example-you're buying 10 set signs then just pay for 5 sets in first exchange and for other 5 in 2nd.

    -Dont believe any free mcoin website(even confirm the website which are given by Devs)

    -Never ever ever sell or trade chars even dont share your ids n pass.

    -5th And most important - Use Your Brain


    5 simple conditions then i bet you'll never get scammed! :)

  4. VrockS, Example, if each 30 days you changed your id once when your account get scammed between this 30 days, the scammer won't be able to change the id until the end of the limit which will make the player be able to make a new password for his account using this and don't need the technical support anymore, the player will need to request the technical support if even the scammer scammed his e-mail too!

    Thanks for your explanation! :)

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