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  1. This can't be applied to CL quests... In CL we have a certain amount of boss that must be killed... can skip that... but in case of meliats and tlalocks we must do the same quest all days for a long time, quests gaves you 20, 30 points from 5000...
  2. Knowleadge pots, Gladiator Exilir and Unit Potion gives the same "advantage" and nobody complains...
  3. CL isnt't a problem to do, I mean meliat and Tlalocs... 5000 rep points is a lot of quests xd.... Could be easier
  4. Agreed, thats excatly my point... with all those skills, Druid can be consider immortal in PvP battle.... even in arena,if you stant agains a Druid 1x1 (Which is not considered PvP), you lost... My rogue have 807 dmg, I cant kill +8 druids... Doesnt make sense in my oppinion
  5. Well, that's what you may think... but druid have a lot of stuns, you cant even touch him with a rogue, even if you do it, after 1s he stun you again, heal 100% of his life and stun, stun stun... I'll record a pvp fight with a druid then I put it in here.. it's just insane
  6. 100% agreed... With this new bag with 150 slots, sometimes it's just payfull to trade many itens... That would be just perfect.. make the trade like when we put itens on market for sell... AGREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED
  7. It's known for all ppl that get enough reputation (5000) on Ayvondril to get the to Heroic mode isn't that easy. We have pot to speed up Experience, Arena Points, Guild Points... why dont make a pot to increase reputation points?
  8. Agreed, 40k is a lot of gold...
  9. Well, I don't know any class that can beat Druid... Even Shamans can't do that
  10. About Rule 1: If this is not a 1v1 PvP game, Developers make PVP zone for what ? This is part of the game, we can't change that! About Rule 2: Sorry, I must put it on the correct area...
  11. Hey Devs, I am here to talk about Druid Skills... When I finally thought that the game has reached a balanced level where +6 players can fight equal-to-equal with another +6 players (doesnt matter what class), I saddly found myself on a PVP with a druid where I can barely touch him!!! I think this must be checked, Druid Have Root Skill, "blue circle", leafs skills, a lot of stuns that can make him immortal... not counting the inumerous heal skills that the class have... this is MUST be checked... I know that you guys always try to keep this game balanced, so I think that this may get your attention
  12. It was about time to end Christmas Event xd... It' was great tmes! Seek for next year
  13. Passive skills will be available till the end of next arena end... wtf, we spent hundreds os tickets + time to get a reward that have expire date?? !!?? !??? !!? !???!!? ?!?!?!?! Make skill fixed on char pls
  14. which Warspears the best for 2015... We wait for old super discount on miracle coins get 2x por for same price? Could be? Pay 8400 fet 16800 super super that will make the year just perfect
  16. nice jobs devs... lets spam now and check thankssssssssssssssss
  17. Droping Rate of the event is really low dev's... I dont want to be the trouble maker.. but I've seen few people get something usefull...
  18. we get more % on rare rings !!!! Congrats Guys... My precious warspears
  19. Any GM must check that... this guy call all BR scammers, monkeys.... and wrost things!! This cant pass unnoticed
  20. This is a "pay-to-win" game... nowadays is impossible to keep strong without mcs... after every 3 months there is new items to amp and buy.... in past you get a good weapond and amp it... boom ... you strong for a long time xd... now you do that and few weeks later you're nothing
  21. well, here is the suggestion. Almost everywhere you spend some money on it you accumulate points where can be traded for something usefull. Why in Warspears should be different? My suggestion is that after every time you buy miracle coin, you get some loyalty points (like if you buy 8400 MCs you get 84 Loyalty points... something like this). Then we should have some Loyalty club market where you can use the points and buyspecial costumes, skins, and other things... well, I think that this may increase your MC's sales and give a little prestige to mcs users...
  22. it would be nice to know how many chests was open during the event period ... huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge number probably
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