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  1. Disgusting Family quest @ Irselnorth for lvl12-13 Mcs/Forsakens
  2. I'm sorry GM but i feel you made a completely wrong decision or i guess it's just a complete misunderstanding because he didnt sell or buy that character as of i know. Maybe you guys are thinking he has changed password of someone else's account but no. He has been hacked by someone else, he used to share that character i dont know for what, maybe to farm at eye or arena or something, like i said sometimes we need to share the accounts with friends and i still feel it's not illegal to do that. So one of his friend changed his id and password, i think the real greekmuse (nikos) made a block re
  3. well so what if a person trusts someone a lot but in some circumstances that person breaks that trust it wont be considered as our fault right , you never know when a person turns from sweet to evil, and life is all about trust if you dont trust people around you it will become impossible to live. Same thing applies to this game , sometimes we need to share our characters with friends. I think its not even illegal to share them unless you take the responsibility of it, another thing is we're living in 21st century, which is known as a progressive era especially in the field of technology, wh
  4. Yea GM please try to understand, block isnt the correct solution for this problem. You gotta return the characters to their original owner there is no need to permanently ban them. He is ready to provide any type of information which is required to confirm that he's the real owner. We need our friend Greekmuse back! :( Please try the every possible thing and give it back
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