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  1. Long before the rise of new updates that support hunting and leveling players, while the days of players still depend on maps of the Astral Labyrinth and the Norlant Swamp demands for both boss and leveling, Norlant Swamp demands is my own favorite place to ride the quest at Norlant Swamp, based on the experience and information of an old friend, whether it be the trick to quest Tower of Vrangis, The trick of Frogls ginger quest and many other mysteries that I have found and solving in leveling and hunting in map Norlant Swamp, but of the many quests there is one quest which I find very difficult to do alone at the time, the quest's name was "The Hydra Headhunt" in which to complete The Quest Hydra's Bait itself seemed to be the ancestor of the other items in my pocket and, in a long time, I had never completed the quest, since I had been a tended solo man and was embarrassed to ask for the help of others in increasing Numbers of english speaking players and was relying on the English dictionary to translate. Even for my own quest I purely saw the relief marks on the mini-map in finishing it. How nostalgic, it was that Hydra bait that first led me to party with my guild friends at the time named "Boneheads" containing Indonesian who spoke my language. In finishing this hydra quest too, with its various calls and cuteness going on, how it has to be repeatedly teleport to random locations, where it can be difficult to assemble, which is funny when the last party member who hasn't arrived, where we are encouraging him not to get down in spirit to quest's location, sometimes being killed by a legion player can be very annoying if you don't have the life scroll, Where we're going back to the city in norlant swamp and have to go back to looking for a second city in norlant swamp, which is really annoying. while bossing is still out, since there hasn't been job tankers like the warden at sentinel, then it's hard to kill hydra without the healer in sentinel, so we were required to take one of our minions to help give DMG to the boss, Because it's a fear that the boss disappears in time. But when reminded of an item drop from the boss which was "Wild Girl set" and "Wild Boy set" the friends in the party were eager to finish the boss. Our limit for hunting at hydra was five times the limit In accordance with the number of party members that each took hydra's bait, it's an old story that I will never forget.
  2. The legendary hero who was cursed to be immortal as a spirit that beamed the great white armor of gold, said the spirit in it until now had been searching for a way to ward off this curse throughout the Arinar lands. (attributes: gold covered white armor, hood, and knight's red cape)
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