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  1. Timestamps:- 0:00 - Intro 16:35 - Vampire chronicle final talent in 2023 halloween new branch 19:00 - About horror talents 32:00 - Pumpkin vampire attraction Ride (they removed the ride after sometime from the server) 38:00 - Doing pumpkin vampire attraction again 52:46 - Blasting mayhem Ride 1:08:35 - Arena 1:12:07 - Arena 1:14:50 - Arena 1:16:48 - Deadly extravaganza 1:21:12 - Ride with grenade skill upgrades(how much token one can make) 1:24:41 - Ride with sword skill upgrades (how much token one can make) 1:42:20 - Ride explaination 1:44:19 - Understanding the ride more detailed explaination 1:51:26 - My max tokens from deady extravaganza ride. and explaining how to get 60 tokens everytime in this ride (6 upgrades of fiery skull and 2 upgrades on grenade = max tokens from this ride) with world event buff and battle pass gl token buff a player can make around 90-100 tokens just an estimation. 2:10:04 - This is the proof making it the best ride of halloween 2023 2:28:09 - Arena, classic game didnt died
  2. Fishing: just like a weapon there should a fishing rod with different levels. The higher the level the better the fish, the better the fish the better the gold from it when you sell it to npc. Using fishing rod to fish in areas with water located in warspear maps. You click on the hand icon to put your tip of the rod on to the water then a minimum of some minutes depending on the level of fishing rod you use you catch a fish. As simple as that. There will be all the different types of aquatic fish species or can be some food. The one you catch with level 10 rod would be fish under the level 10 cap, the one you catch with level 32/34 rod should include 30 to 34 levels of fishes. Once you catch the fish you sell it at npc for the gold just like how we sell scrolls or pots for gold. example of fishing rod: level 1-10 fish = 100g to 1k gold level 11-20 fish = 1k gold - 2k gold level 21-30 = 2k gold - 4k gold lvl 31-34= 4k gold - 8k gold fishes under level 10: takes 10 minutes to catch, A fish will be caught in your fishing rod within 10 minutes at any minute (just like how amplification and dg drops works with "luck" this should also work with "luck") and when you do there will appear some icon in red and you should click on it for once as soon as it appears it will stay for 5-10 seconds when you do congrats the fish is yours. if you dont you lose the fish. After 10 minutes if you fail to catch any fish, one fish should be caught on the 10th minute as a guarranteed reward. Similarly, for level 11-20 fishes you can catch the fish at any minute but this time the icon mark in red will stay for 20 seconds if you fail to click it then its gone. And again if you dont get any fish for the 19 minutes of your fishing on your 20th minutes you should get 1. -for fishs of lvl 20-30= the icon mark in red will stay for 30 seconds. And again if you dont get any fish for the 29minutes of your fishing on your 30th minute you should get 1 guarranteed. -for fishs of lvl 30-40= the icon mark in red will stay for 34 seconds. And again if you dont get any fish for the 39 minutes of your fishing on your 40th minute you should get 1 guarranteed. just like how crafting is expensive at the initial stages but later you make profit. Similarly, you will gain fishing experience everytime you catch a fish and thats how you will be able to use the different levels fishing rods. for those wondering, a player with level 32 fishing experience will make 4-8k gold every 40 minutes if he succesfully catches the fish. so in an hour atleast 8k gold. but if he is lucky(like in dgs you can get costume of book in any run) one can catch fish in any minute. level 1-10= chance of catching a fish 10% level 10-20= chance of catching a fish 20% level 20-30= chance of catching a fish 30% level 30-40= chance of catching a fish 40%
  3. We have dungeons in warspear but the problem with dungeons is they require a party to be completed. I know this is an mmorpg it requires people, should be played in group. Most of the top dgs like mermen, castle, myth level dg needs 5 members pt not everyone likes a group, not everyone has time to find or make a party and then fail sometimes doing dg with the group of players. These dgs gives drops like mermen eq, group relics a good gold for players who does dg who has time, compared to who doesnt. There are players who dont have time there should be something they can do without need to depend upon a party or players just like dg and it should be like they can start instantaneous at any given period of time during the day not like dg for which you never know if you are gonna find players, instead waiting making pt and then failing or not knowing when it can be done or if someone leaves the pt ending up by not being able to complete the dg. Solo dg is not something of new concept am talking about, it exists in spring dg. I feel like it should exist in normal times in the game aswell. So that whoever is running short of time they can do some runs not saying it should be easy or should be done quickly, it should be the same like an average dg but maybe not with top tier drops. So that it gives equal chance to players who are struggling to find a pt and can get a drop to make gold for themselves without depending upon others.
  4. Topics discussed: Never be attached to anyone or anything Make gold passively in the longterm Utilize the maximum Knowledge gain per day Become ambidextrous Know when to ignore Unity is power but if there is no good alliances stay alone- like a lone wolf Dont fall under the Amp Trap Newbies quests, Pros resells Learn to save for the longterm Play with probability Quality over Quantity Be anonymous Calm over the Chaos/How to deal with toxicity 80/20 rule
  5. "14 Tips I wish I knew before starting Warspear online" or "How to succeed as a Solo player in Warspear online" or "Some advice on how to get going for longterm against lucky players/mcoin buyers in Warspear online" whatever you want to call it. In this video, I'm completing almahad map daily quests and alongside I have shared all the tips that helped me in one way or the other during the span of 8 years journey. Hope I help you with something. PS: I know I have exceeded the video duration (by creating a video more than 15 minutes), but I also could'nt compromise any of the tip for the length of this video. Topics discussed: Never be attached to anyone or anything Make gold passively in the longterm Utilize the maximum Knowledge gain per day Become ambidextrous Know when to ignore Unity is power but if there is no good alliances stay alone- like a lone wolf Dont fall under the Amp Trap Newbies quests, Pros resells Learn to save for the longterm Play with probability Quality over Quantity Be anonymous Calm over the Chaos/How to deal with toxicity 80/20 rule
  6. I can relate but for me making gold is difficult and it takes forever. Same repeated activities nothing new. Makes me wonder sometimes do I still need to play this but then I realise I have invested time in it. So I keep on going.
  7. Can we also make a video on any other topics other than almahad? because making a video only on almahad update is kinda narrowing down the list of topic/ideas.
  8. Ancient One

    AoE MC

    Thats some nice statistics you got there. Helpful in choosing a class
  9. These are gems. It would be really nice if they can add more new content on labyrinth and swamps like an extension to the existing ones. So we can have more gold making possibilities for common players.
  10. Warspear lacks promotional and marketing, so i thought why not create one in the name of 15 year anniversary.
  11. directly from the forum, I was doubtful abt few talents on how they would work. But now i have a more clear understanding on each branch. I'll make an updated video on this talent branch soon.
  12. skip to 1:54:00 for new shaman talents
  13. Wow 9 years, I wonder how did you survived till now i never recieved the pirate key or anything valuable from it neither
  14. I like the concept reminds me of druids invigorating stream skill as that skill is permanent and provides passive heal.
  15. Please go into details i believe there are players just like me who are interested in knowing more about this because once you set a clear explanation there and if its fair then its good for the players and the game itself no questions will be asked right. sry i didnt get your example Its not about me, the current system just doesnt looks balanced its more or like looks unfair. Its a good idea.
  16. Power of the earth is very useless skill in shamans kit, Even ancestors hand has some use in arena as it can be lifesaving skill but this here is just pointless. The casting of the skill and the application of the skill on the character in between there is some micro seconds lag. 20 seconds is just not enough. Power of the earth skill at its launch: Power of the earth skill right now: I some how managed to get the info on how the skill used to work in its initial days. When comparing the current rework of the skill with its previous one, the previous one did had low hp buff of 25% increase but atleast it used to last 50 seconds, 20 seconds is nothing. Lightning shield already lost its duration from 40 seconds to 20 seconds, dont need another skill with 20 seconds. The health decrease by 10% of the added one is another big factor why this skill is useless. Whats the point of having increase in hp if it doesnt even gonna last for a decent duration. Please completely remove this mechanic. This skill needs a rework again, maybe revert it back to how it was back in the days. Or My Suggestion: Skill level 1 2 3 4 HP Increase 10% 15% 20% 30% Skill duration 10 seconds 20 seconds 30 seconds 40 seconds
  17. Because getting good drops is very difficult in warspear add checks in dungeon drops for example, after every 50 runs the player gets a guaranteed reward this is excluding the random drops you may get in between the runs. The guaranteed reward will be random. After every 50 runs in myth 40 runs in hero 30 runs in hard 20 runs in normal 10 runs in easy Level difficulties and because mermen has top tier end game equips maybe make it after every 500 or 800 runs a guaranteed reward of mermen equip. regardless of the luck based system which if you are lucky you may get a drop in between. This is needed to motivate players in a hope that there is a drop waiting there for the player after some runs. Because if a player doesnt gets any good value drop by spending 24/7 in dg then its a waste of time to the player.
  18. old players is nostalgia
  19. I have spent so much time in the dungeon recently and I'm very dissapointed with the drop system, got mostly trash items which has little to no value. Same goes with the event chests very very few players gets something top tier from it, not like everyone should get some top tier stuff from it but still just in general. I just wanted to know how you are dealing with it ? Is it based on pure "luck" system or is there any chance/rate on it? because as far as i see the "Double drop", "Drop rate increased x2 times", "x3 times" and xyz ... yet it still feel the same and sounds gibberish. How do you think the drop mechanic works in warspear? when was the last time you had any good drop? I'd like to hear your opinion on this.
  20. left side of engineer where both factions meet there is one cave.
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