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  1. Something tells me this is one way to encourage further building multiple characters especially for the top and active guilds which means more spendings. Since it's an exclusive sector type of thing, the lack of players in a npguild would be problematic so you know where that's going. Not that it's bad, I just noticed it unless I'm wrong. I do like choices that doesn't lead to the same conclusion regardless of what you chose.
  2. Yeah, I know when I typed that it sounded stupid. I sell a lot of stuffs and play mostly on phones, typing frequently kinda tires my thumb. I don't have that problem in pc probably because of finger positioning. They don't have to necessarily follow my idea and most certainly not do this just to accomodate me. This is more of a mini quality of life change that helps efficiently improve small stuff like this. An example would be selling repair 1 by 1 , selling 10 items consumes 10 market slot and instead of typing the price everytime you can just click on an option. I honestly wouldn't even suggest this if they atleast allow the clipboard or paste option when selling in the market. Right now it's really just numbers there unless I'm doing something wrong. MOBILE perspective btw, PC might have it easier, I rarely play there so never get to try much.
  3. I suggest the ability to set market prices. My idea would be we'll have 3 slots where we can put any price we want and then once we sell something in the dealer, we can opt to choose among those 3 slots or ofc the traditional typing the price. This seems like a simple thing but it helps a lot when selling items in the market especially items like repair scroll 1 by 1. Instead of entering the price everytime, we can just choose among our custom options thus shortening the process.
  4. I'll take nerfs of boss dungeons any time. Ill be grinding that dungeon for over 100 runs so anything that makes it easier is a positive. Raid bosses are different though, they should be the ones challenging.
  5. If you really wanna farm map 1 then go for a lvl 13 healer. Honestly though I suggest you make a main for high lvl, gold is much easier there. You can just consider that lvl 13 as an extra source of income. Equip drops there aren't exactly common and ethereals nowadays aren't exactly really expensive anymore. It's all about luck but I've had my share in the past of farming 5+ hours and I can't even earn 5k. Meanwhile you can spend that much time every 2-3 days in Ayvondil and you can earn 20k+ gold.
  6. Personally I think this isn't bad for now. At the very least, in the first 2 week we wouldn't have so much abundance of items to the point it's so cheap. Once x2 drop rate/2x drops weeks rolls out, it'll be raining drops. So just be patient. Oh and btw, we also get like up to 4 freebies from chests in dg with potential costume drops so there's that.
  7. I hope there are intentions in the future to atleast slightly lessen the mana consumption of rangers. I feel like unless you're op with energy guild and all energy equips you cant make use of your point shooting to its fullest without using energy pots. Ill use my initial combo with point shooting and then after that Im just an auto attack bot because I cant use my blessing and even dmg skils as much. Not to mention I still have fire arrow and sometimes hail to use. I know point shooting is quite powerful, I just hope they at least make it rangers mana consumption slightly less for some leeway. I dont do pvp cause Im weak so this is just my perspective as a pve player.
  8. As F2P ranger.. All I can say is that Im tired of being so immobile while being super squishy. Seriously trap experts are kinda pointless and we get 2 of it while other classes gets utility and survivability experts. I haven't been playing long and this is just my opinion.
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