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  1. Hi, I have a problem roland game leaves me update I get: your device is not compatible with this version and not out on google play.help
  2. more or less at that time will be is to get sick and stay home from work
  3. I would like to know the percentage of grab something in the tower that if I speak of the tower there are 2% termitary grab ? Might check
  4. FAQ with some popular questions from the discussion: Q: How long this event will last? A: It will last 1 month. Q: Can high lvls get drops in Low lvl dungeons? So like lv23 in Lv6 dungeon? A: No, they will not get any drop, but they still can attend these dungeons. Q: Did the price of cc costumes change? How much do they cost? A: You will have a possibility to check it by yourself. Q: How many parameters do the new rings/amulets have? A: They have 4 parameters. Q:In the dungeons you can find spheres, catalysts, essences and also unique rings, cloaks and amulets with «Physical damage» and «Magic power» bonuses. Bonuses how much % for magic and physical? A: It won't be a percentage, you will receive a exact bonus. Q: Did the price of cc costumes change? How much do they cost? Might reponder , not the easy solution of Dropping
  5. give me some clue of the new event I can not take it anymore
  7. I can no more , and lack of control over ignorad.que me in this game You care so ignoring them to your players
  8. roland ignores his players do not make us any attention
  9. shut up the post if not leavin ' my doubts and 4 million waiting walk
  10. please you can explain some of the next event can not wait watch every five minutes and post forum viene.estoy not anxious please even that is putting that anger
  11. I go to the supermarket and buy the trinkets are already hallowen , I go to carrefour and are costumes and Warspear hallowen hallowen here where this is no more than four million awaiting the event and does not come sad
  13. I just want to know the time, I was afraid to see the message and not put tiempo.plis roland how long I have to wait I have little to level 23: *
  14. This summer we have gifts for the end of summer, I remember last year was 10cofres.¿pregunto? ROLAND
  15. 1ºgracias by roland gifts 2ºespero just be an update without any problem
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