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  1. Hi ! every day here is a discount for one of the items of the miracle shop. how ever i usually only see some of the items mostly sign, i wanted to ask if GM select that item or its really random. i wanna wait for a pocket discount, has there ever been a discount with pocket?
  2. Thanksss every body for ur comments, it got the second second position :wacko: (in think third). i hope too see it in gamee. 8)
  3. Simple and beautiful, i realy liked that. Im realy astounished that u designed this by paint, great...
  4. I've just published an in-game mode, in which the characters breathes and moves, hope you like it. ;) In the next step i'm going to design side views as well as complete in game moving.
  5. Its beautiful, Simple but still beautifull. Its certainly one of the tops. :yahoo:
  6. Awwww, first of all Thanks Every body for ur comments. :blush: ninjatrickster! thanks for ur comment, but I actually don't know the lab boots and glows. These are the usual designs for the boots, and glows. However, about the novice dk helmet, I should say that I have always admired its design, which somehow reminds me of the lord of the ring. And I had that in mind while designing, so they might look "very" similar. Ehsan, Thank you for ur concern. but naporsidid ke begam ;) . Shionkit, Soulswap and Liraine i appreciate ur heartwarming comments :give_rose: . alaturka ty, but i wish u would tell me which costume is first, in ur opinion? And at last I ask u to tell me the bad points too, then I might correct them, and we might have the chance to use this beautiful (everybody thinks their costume is beautiful ;) ) in the game.
  7. Thanks Kimimaro ;) Actually i almost got the idea from kimimarous bones ::) Mamnoon meysam, hatman :good:
  8. Hi everybody :give_rose: ! Well I'm a graphic designer, and I was really surprised to hear about this contest. However, I was too busy in this month or two, to design a good costume. Even so, I decided not to lose the chance to design a costume in my free time. As I also play every now and then, I'm almost familiar with ur taste; so, I decided to design something u might like, but unfortunately I was too busy to design a more Professional Character. The name of this costume is the Ultimate Shield, and I hope u like it :blush: .
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