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  1. But why that item lost that is the point and i always check that price for items
  2. I put abyss kris to market price 15k about month ago and it dissappeared from marked i didint saw that in my inventory. Hour ago i got message on that game abyss kriss has sold price 1350 wtf what is that meaning i lost 15k :( please tell me and fix that bug
  3. That my costume sorry for no colours i dont just have crayons and pc. BUT I think hair is brown face is just normal face brown eyes brown mask will be brown headphone white shirt light green and blue pants black shoes Thats just like me not big hero, just guy I dont think so that is going to win anything but whatever i just made this Cuz i wanted I hope it will be come Warspear online costume editor where u can create your Personal costume
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