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    I'm new here ! :D

    So what's up guys...! ;D I started as an Archer but then i realized...... Rogue are way more FUN ! Im playing at the US server and im already level 9... At the late game i want to fight group pvps, wars.. BIG things ;D Ive got a few questions tho.. (i have a bad feeling that i need to reopen my rogue :( ) 1. I maxed my merciless strike, is that good? 2. I heard about the arena and arena weapons.. is there a shop for that? 3. I want to know more about sets, what a rogue need? (Dodge? Crit? Accuracy?) 4. Is there a 2nd job? 5. I want to be a good dodger but ive read that dodge isnt a good thing to relay on. Can someone explain it? 6. Any tips would be helpful :)
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