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  1. You will never be this good !!! your 7000 + loss on 1 character in 1 season is unforgivable, noone should be allowed to do THAT BAD:( if i was pvprange just from SHEER EMBARRASSMENT I would deleted that ranger along time ago, everyone who looks at you and can see how bad u do 35% of all games LOST, is pretty bad:( i would delete your crap ranger, u brag about YOUR +10 but it didnt give you any SKILL, obviously your $$$ only bought you 7000 Loss, and showed the WORLD how bad you really are ;)







    Here take a look at what SKILL REALLY IS ;)


    Pvprange #1 pro ranger
  2. Well guys.. I was helping a new player of warspear with quests. And he start asking "what is PvP?"

    Well i tried to explain it but then this will follow  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Thexhealer should be thought "huh what happens me now O.o?. I quess  :rofl:


    Well.. Its one of the reasons how "gankers" excist.

    But dont blame him. He's just new as everyone even was. It was just funny to see this happen :blush:


    nice  ;D

    If you are really his friend, then you should guide him to the correct path and not follow the wrong path with him.



    People visit that cave for a fair PvP match because there is no other way to do it.

    PvP is a very important part of the game and it is actually something which gives someone motivation to get stronger.



    Its clear that the guy himself likes to do PvP but still he disturb others in PvP.



    All I am saying is, if you really call him your friend, you should try to explain him that its not cool to disturb other people PvP and kill elf at pvp cave.


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