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  1. My Question is : Whats the pass of an account before you change it ?

    I wanted to change my pass but i made a mistake... 

    If you want to change your pass so you need to write  it 2 times ...

    I just wrote it one time right... I spelld the second one wrong...

    Then it said incorrect login pass

    Soooo whats the pass before you change your pass ?

    Support do not aswer me :/

  2. Guys i need your help, some of you have already notice that the player iamdragon has stole all my cookies  :'( . Now he dit it again...


    Опубликованное фото


    I dont know what to do anymore.  :( So please pm him in game and ask him to return my beloved cookies  :cray:





    ps. those are some of the cookies he took  :'(


    Send a ticket to Technical Support  ;D

    They will solve ur Problem as soon as possible xd

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