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  1. Toro

    Block in Despair!

    Churchyar of Despair exactly. :(
  2. I am very annoyed by the management of this island. It's impossible to get in despair because every time mc or elves blocking the entrance. :diablo: At least make sure that the neutral zone contains up in despair , so we can start the war on the way to the boss. :aggressive:
  3. hehe ty my friend :yahoo:
  4. I know this is pathetic :blush: , but it's just an idea ;D ... I think that staff can improve my drawing ::) This is "Warrior Fury Dress", the armor set is different by the original Warspear sets only for colors,(repeat: staff can improve it). I also drew a weapon similar to the existing ones (I mean the axes changed with the Illusion Labrys) with little changes to the appearance and color. I hope u like it. :pleasantry: P.s. sorry for bad english :wacko:
  5. mhhhh, so how can i get free mc? :lol:
  6. Yes, but sponsorpay is not working on Windows :cray: (i mean free miracle coins button :dirol: )
  7. Hi :tease: i know that answer is there, but the problem was fixed after that thread....are u still working on it? :blush:
  8. Mc Button disappeared again!!! :mega_shok: :mega_shok: :mega_shok: Pls fix it! :cray:
  9. Toro

    Mcoins button?

    Hi, i'm sorry :blush: i don't have mcoins button on windows :wacko: (like Senpai). Is it disappeared or what?
  10. Toro

    Mcoins button?

    What's happened with "free miracle coins" button? :search: :search: :unknw:
  11. Toro

    Pls ban him

    already sent ;)
  12. Toro

    Pls ban him

    mhhh i have to see, but i can tell to gm all my equip, my friend list, ecc... in addition they can see (if they have report) that account was logged from different ip/location....
  13. Toro

    Pls ban him

    I have only character name :sorry: , because he changed account id ....character name is "Esticazzi".
  14. Toro

    Pls ban him

    Hy guys, i have a problem. A player called "dewgorrii" stole my account :fool: . I would like to have it back. If i can't have it back, can admins block my account and ban him? He is trying to scam other people....(sorry for bad english :cray: ).
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