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  1. Just 1 last thing. What about last expert ranger skill ?
  2. I find a trick to use quake, never target the enemy but use it 1 yard up and it will success. But I agree it's ducking annoying to don't use it easy as we should do it.
  3. Lol costumes bug is so old too and funny so I don't think there is anything to cry about it not depends of phones lol just a common and funny bug
  4. Hm yes location but is real, ill how to see it; you need multi play with 2 phone for example, and u will see if u walk and stop that you don't see the characters on the same spot on the 2 phones, sometimes 2 yards difference, so maybe this is 1 cause about the earthquake fail, or maybe Devs just released with a % of success I don't know. Devs you really need to tell us what is going on quake: is it a bug or just a probability to success/fail.
  5. Why not add new things for casters ? We can see shaman has 2 weapons slot but only one is available. Why not give the opportunity to casters to be more different each other. I not mean use 2 staffs or things like that, but a 3rd ring. A special ring who add bonus to th staff or just new stats. Because I'm little disappointed about ur craft system I was hopping about add bonus to our already amplified items. Like make 2 new slot like in special set. But that's an other idea. Let's focus on the first idea about add something om shaman like a ring with 2 bonuses for shaman craftable or not. A special ring will balance casters stats to other. Or why not allow to all players to add rings to their weapons who open 2 special slot on their weapons ?
  6. First @Roland and @Petermunk in that project to clan's war, i think you need put some war hours as a lot of ppl suggered, but a thing very important is to add a special reward or big amount of guild point or something like that. Because if you not do that biggest guild (strongest) will never take part in that conflict coz they need make gps for guild and make gps + war is not really possible, then if you want war with all newbies it will suck really because we know elf will always win coz of overpopulated clan. That was my point of vue for that war project. And for @roland and @affekidz you really need to think about necro, i always thought that necro was the worst warspear class and now it is more than that. How can u explain that a priest is that ducking OP and necro that weak... Lol im wondering wich class a necro can win XD even +10 ones are weak as hell... I think you should rework some skill or enhance the damage. Really i never played necro and ill never make one if you continue on that way XD they suck as hell in fight XD they are only good in lab/dungeon (and dungeon not really coz they have ducking low dmg so to make a dungeons fast i totally prefer a merman minion + shaman than a necro XD) so please think a little about necro, not for me, but for all who using that class
  7. When will you open all Aivondyl? I cant wait New dungeon in Nadir is here but not open Big dungeon named "Fort" in middle of aivondyl is here and not open And the 4 part of aivondyl not opened yet..
  8. Im Darkwild, that shaman who takes pleasure to kill randomly ppl in cave. First, warspear GM said: "irselnort is a massive pvp zone" Secondly, warspear GM said: "in this time of WAR you are all warriors" Third, GM dont Want warspear go in 1vs1 pvp way. Fourth, i play only for fun, and peace = boring , further more i love see elfs come in mc side and pm me to insult or say "pls stop" I think i explained on this 4points my noob kid mentality. ( and i dont gank at first, first i jump your weak ass, secondly you come 2vs me, thirdly i never stop jump you and gank you. Thats how it works. ) Enjoy :)
  9. You are idiot. Im shaman and im ducking happy, druid will be more weaks, only bd got a good skill, shaman will be more op.
  10. I want sale on mcoin :( And of course i cant wait for server .. Im not patient. :(
  11. Hey, 120minutes are over. What are you doing.?
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