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  1. i just noticed this now miracle coins sms payment in india 1miracle coin -0.65$ 230 miracle coin -2.14$ i think first ones supposed to be 100 miracle coins.just check it.
  2. good mobs r easy to kill now. i noticed slight increase in druids hp regen 10 to 13 now. pls increase energy regen to 10 atleast ,5 is sad.
  3. nice. as sulla mentioned pvp is good now. dont change any character stats. just reduce mob hp or dmg.
  4. kuzi why isnt it working. i sent few sms and i still dint gwt any miracle coins. im from india.
  5. i just managed to reach north lol i liked most of the stuffs in this update the UI is really good. but it very hard to kill mobs just fix that fast. Also i sent a couple of sms to buy Miracle Coins i still dint get it its been more than 12 hours.
  6. Where can i find the guy who knows about the relic. Im pissed
  7. Give them some time they will open all servers, they must be restoring all user data on those servers Saphire is back now
  8. buy Miracle Coins here www.warspear-online.com/en/account/buy-miracle-coins can u add the option to buy 2300 miracle coins in india ?
  9. really great job. i always thought of doing that but was too lazy :D
  10. you could add these options in miracle shop(maybe some r already there ) *option to increase friends list limit(or even ignore list if needed) ,current 30. *increase inventory space(current 48) *option to change name *option to change sex and appearence of the character *option to change Faction/Class *option to change server *option to create more heroes in same acc(current 3 per server/6per acc) *option to teleport to any respawn point :D *option to buy items like health and energy potions/flasks/vials/pot.(whatever it called, wont affect the game balance) *option to buy miracle coins using ingame currency(gold) could prevent players from buying miracle coins from other users(preventing anyone from bieng scammed ) or else think of some other way to prevent this. im sure users who are not able to buy mirace coins will buy it from others. *option to reset daily quest limit allowing payer to do three more daily quest(max once or twice per day,i dont think this will affect the game balance ??) *maybe add few special potions that can be bought only through Miracle shop like a potion that restores both hp and energy, *option to create a guild or change guild name( when guild system is implemented) "these are just suggestions and are not (maybe) available in game" post here if you have anyother suggestions that you want to be added in Miracle Shop.
  11. Edge

    Warspear Türk

    i play in US-Thaurissian server.
  12. Edge

    Warspear Türk

    im a noob pally :D
  13. Edge


    good. anyways im waiting to get a new laptop hopefully by august end till then i cant help.
  14. Edge


    that would be me. i told u in the begining you could change whatever you wnt later.i just did a rough work. i was unable to create a navigtional box so i just added categories to navigate easily. it was just temporary.
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