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  1. hi gm i make new acc in 2 june 2013 why u block it my acc name is mtkdrag and mtkdark im not selling acc and im not scamming i had +7runic arlabest inside
  2. fck i make ranger lvl 5 and in bag ranger lvl 5 have runic arlabest +7 and gloves + belt :facepalm:
  3. Duoarrow


    i wait very many time but no one want help me maybe we cant Unblock again ? :nea:
  4. Cross pls help me i very long wait my acc back but Gm not back my acc :(
  5. idk gold he change all :'( :cray:
  6. U know get my acc? :cray:
  7. crosfit when i can got my acc again ? :'( :cray: :'( :cray: :'(
  8. and Kingusia help Rigtheagle hack me Kingusia say righteagle not scammer :'( :cray: :'( :cray: :'( :cray: :'( :cray:
  9. When i can got Duarrow Can you help me Mioco,Snorlax,R0land pls i am duarrow i get scamm by righteagle help me pls :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray:
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