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  1. dark elves and light undead, elf can be undead side and undead can be elf side at this map,, #hahaha that will really cool.. :D, that must be have new faction,,
  2. just hope every something new DONT NEED TO UPDATE VERSION, just do like DATA CACHING, i know thats not simple, but it will be awesome, that will make WS better, coz many plp hate it.
  3. WOW!!!! I cant say anything, thats really cool,, all new,, superb,, all players will be not bored anymore,,
  4. yiiihhhaaa,,, SUPERB,, AWESOME,, congrats WS team,, AMAZING. please make new project too, we waiting for it, guild system is amazing, but 'NEW MAP', 'NEW EVENT', 'NEW EQUIPMENT' , will be GREAT for us, many plp play this game, and know what??, other low lvl can farm to get gold, specially who cant earn mcoin, need 'NEW BOSSES' ..., god bless u always WS team, thanks for all, u are the best too. :)
  5. you dont know the difference about crying and ANGRY??,,, thats UNBALANCE, if not u BLIND u must be KNOW it, i can RAPE u paladin and EAT ur LONG EARS!!, i dont need CL quest, but its very sad to see low lvl talk about that everday and need help,
  6. DEV cheat with MC, he help ELF, ELF easy to cross at MC AREA, coz MC ROAD its big, see ELF AREA, MC MUST CROSS very small STAIR, that problem is that, DEV cheat with MC, and MC not think about that, why not make it bigger??,, i hope DEV do something about that, its NOT balance!!!!
  7. problem SOLVED, who make that mistake, its me not DEV's, that install data corrupt when i download it, i already play everyday, #LOL play us-sapphire and see me, dont just talk if u dont know,,
  8. i just write what i wanna say... sometime we need to be serious... :(
  9. what u guys talking about, DEV's wanna make something new for us, they very work HARD to make this, dont be SELFISH plp, DEV's are HUMAN too not GOD, they can make a mistake, nothing PERFECT in this world, u must proud with them, coz DEV's always try to make this game better, but this game will not be better if have PLAYER like u all... RESPECT EACH OTHER... LOVE THIS GAME LIKE UR MOM OR UR GF/BF,
  10. going to deep last boss; EYE ; every saturday 11.59pm .... 9GMT .. dont miss it all MCS !!!!! who wanna go, meet T5 at that day.
  11. im already UNINSTALL v3.4.0 , DEVELOPER please FIX this, I CANT PLAY WARSPEAR AGAIN.... PLEASE!!!!, i love this game too much... :(
  12. 1. Nokia E63 / Black Edition / Firmware 510.21.010 2. VERY BAD , when i wanna update new version 4 hours 35 minutes ago , my phone 'CANT' install new version 3.4.4 , when the install process is on the 'MIDDLE , it 'STOP' and say 'UNABLE TO INSTALL' , version 3.4.0 its working fine at my phone , please fix this. Im love this game too much, im miss my char, all my friend, and swamp.. Please fix... Thanks Before..... :(
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