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  1. It is very good that the topic is discussed, I agree 100%, additionally a nice initiative would be to add a clan costume available for each member of the guild, such an innovation would of course not be free, the process could look like this: adding the miracle coins donation function to the guild deposit , each member can donate any amount, the clan outfit would cost us 50,000 miracle coins, the leader after collecting the appropriate amount by the guilds, reports it to the support and I undertake to send the costume graphics, or ask the creators to create it as part of a concept, the outfit would be available only for guild members and after leaving the guild, it would disappear from the inventory, you could also expand the possibilities of creating in the castle, add the ability to buy / create summons, weapons, armor etc. The second idea is to be able to add a list to each guild, similar to this friends and ignore list, it would work on the principle that allied and hostile guilds could be added during mass events e.g. GvG (or it could be called AvA (alliance vs alliance) ) allied guilds would not be attacked and hostile guilds could be attacked, this could create an interesting variety to the game, a diplomat would have to function in each guild, responsible for the guild not to get into too many wars with other guilds and to establish new alliances with others
  2. I understand now, shaman and necro are different classes, both useful and willingly taken to the party, whether necro or shaman does not matter much depends on the preferences of the party leader, I think that I'll try necromancer has cool aoe skills and can be good in pvp, need practice.Still i think we have more shamans than necro it can be next advice. A big dilemma, I ask a lot of more experienced players and there is the same division with charmer, half have the opinion that it is only for pvp, half is very good for dg.
  3. This is a good proposition, I have been thinking about the shaman for a long time, and how does it look like a necro? according to these statistics, when creating a character, necromancer has a slightly higher dmg, and as you know, the larger the dmg, the more we heal with ls, once I remember necro ls was very needed due to health consumption when using skills, now I have searched a bit in the forum and noticed that removed his health costs when using skills, but I do not want to be guided only by these statistics because they are not final are measurable, certainly can not compare with the experience of a veteran warspear, which is much more valuable in my opinion.
  4. Hi Everyone I have a certain problem, thanks to the generosity of my friends I come back to the game after a break, I got accessories with a lot of LS, the problem is that they have magic damage, so I don't know what class to do to make the best use of it. They have ls runes inserted, there are a lot of them around 15% from the accessories themselves. If I played on the senntinels side, the choice would be simple - Mage, but it so happens that I play on the Legion side, I don't know how the warlock looks after big changes. I am more of a PvE player so I have doubts about it, when creating a class from statistics it is something like an alternative mage, but as far as I can remember it was a PvP class, it was quite strong even before the introduction of resist. I don't know if using LS on a necro or shaman is necessary, maybe someone tried to make DK with magic damage? I look forward to a nice discussion and interesting opinions, share your thoughts, experience, remember there are no stupid questions and ideas are just not a asked and not said. Have a good day 🙂
  5. Thank you for many good advices ❤️ What do to think about druid? I should try it again? how about dmg of druid and Usefulness, i hear its good for arena
  6. I thought about it because It seems very universal and useful, but from what I see is not so colorful. When choosing I was guided by ease in lvl up. Paladin has so easy that it has heal, I've always been . Paladin has so easy that it has heal, I always passed bad impressions of exp klass without heal. But this may be due to too little experience. Priest and druid are very boring for me to play, I wanted some useful class to easily find a place in the any party
  7. Hello I would like to ask which class should be chosen by the player who rarely buys mcoins, although I am the f2p player type. Paladin looks very solid in theory, has great skills, jump, heal, stun, a lot of AoE, but all forum posts for this class are old, written 2-3 years ago, if not more. Asking has a chat in the game a lot of players ridicule this class , say it's shit. That is why I am asking here whether it is worth considering this class? Rather, I focus on PVE to earn some gold, I would probably take PvP later. I write in this section because I am looking for an objective answer, in the Paladin section, it could be non-objective
  8. No i don't do that i send 2, and later write post here 🤣
  9. How long does the support response in crisis situations take, such as account stealing? we are talking about the theft of the phone and the same e-mail and warspear account, I care about the time, after waiting 5 days, I have the impression that there will be nothing to recover ...
  10. Server: EU-Emerald Nick: Mhiu I decided to create a simple, universal costume
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