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  1. Developers please do something about the new arena set for heavy armour..Warden damage is already nerfed and as such we don't have much hope for doing damage in  arena .The only thing that's left of us for playing arena is  the block statistics ..and somehow there isn't block on the armour also..but dodge attributes....I'm thinking u all don't want us Warden users to play arena


  2. hi admin,,

    irrespective of the special day,,let me ask some thing

    what are the requirements to built shadders reputation?

    i have done hard termitarrry ,,heroic garden,,as well as visited new lab,,

    but still even if i do quest in marakosh my shadders reputation is 0..

    Do we have to complete all yellow quest in marakosh?

    pliss reply ,,,thankyou

  3. i think admin or whoever incharge of this game should want to take a good look at this pvp cave,,,,80% of the  time and 80% are mc,,,elfs rarely goes coz thy get ganked if thy do so,,,it not a pvp cave anymore,,its more likely mc cave,,so y dont u guys make another cave near  elfs side,,,then i wil be an even :bad:

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