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    Sancs are pretty easy and fast actually. Well if you know what you're doing that is. Done it in 15 mins or so which is the same time that i usually finish killing quests solo if lucky. Yea do sancs. It's fast and fun ;D



    p/s : Healer minion and 1 medium potion at fiery place.  ;)



    He he, nicee one. Photoshop?  From that screen the truth part the 535.


    As Mecha also said, the cc point numbers cant be other than 5 or 0 in the end.


    Buuuut not impossible guys, after 2 - 2.5 year, i got in all, around 3 - 3,2k  ( but its not include the quests everyday or the Sanctuary q.


    [ that latter, just few time ].


    + there are also buyable items for integer numbers like 150 so that 9, it is incomprehensible for me  :blush:




    The conclusion, dont believe everything what others says/show youu.      Even if that does a pretty girl.




    regards,  Gab.





    I'm just in joking mode.  :blush:

    Actually, it's just a bug Crimson Corundum value i found on my laptop after i'm bought miracle coins for today.

    I should report this bug to Devs.



    Sorry.  ;)

  3. Done.



    Snorlax, i'm apologize. Can you change back my old name Axsiv? Because, er ... i'm change my mind now  :'(



    Thanks for fulfilling my request before.



    Hope you change my old name back  :shout:

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