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  1. this part of the forum doesnt have much movimentation so here goone question


    How much critical, regen, life u have with ur rogue and what lvl he is?


    mine lvl 14, 21,4% critical, 1552 life, 80 regen


  2. hey kuz or mioco


    The sms payment for Brazil is unavaliable??? Why ?? Will we can buy Mc through sms in the future?

    And i didnt receive 220 miracle coins that i have buyed i already send email to support but not has been done



    Please answer this and dont delete this post and dont move it too i just want an answer


    What u (the moderator that delete the posts) make is censure all u dont like u delete!!!„


  3. because elves are my enemies i need kill they or die trying o/



    I have a very good tip better than all of ur tips


    Always ask for help when u need dont give money or iten just ask much of the players will help even if they dont know u at least in Montain clan of sapphire server is like that.

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