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  1. Surely, Hopzz, whatever you want: serious replies, white wolves, good reasons...



    I'm not your mom. But i think it is something you should do for yourself. Change for better. Learn how to respect people to be respected. I dont like when people talk crap about me, and I believe no1 likes that either.



    Besides that, you would save alot of time if you stopped acting like this. Like, seriously, going to a game forum to cry about your own issues...

    I'm not black, I'm not gay, I have no idea what it is to have people judging me coz of my skin color or my preferences. I believe it is pretty harsh. But I've been throught some pretty bad stuff, but it doesnt make me expect everyone is the same or like they are going to act the same way. Open your mind for opinions different from yours, have you ever stopped to think how many friendships you have lost for acting this way?

    What I'm saying is, keep your problems to yourself and solve them. Stop searching for people to discount your frustrations.

    Does it make sense to you?


    You have no idea about me do you? First off racism is certainly not a problem in my real life. As a matter of fact ever since I moved out of Chicago back in 2009 my life has been pretty simple and smooth. I get a little extra money to travel and buy clothes actually. I come here and get hounded because I was new to the game and forums. Long story short.... pm me if you wont take screen shots  :bad:
  2. Oh no, i kept the best part to myself. So i guess not every word. But i can do it if you want, just say the word  :)



    And well, i might keep stuff to myself if you stop saying my name+crap. Simple like that.

    You see, Hopzz, you'r the one that must change the way you behave. There's a reason why people jumped on you last time, and maybe it is the exact same reason why people is jumping on you this time.


    Name one reason why I should change the way I act. A GOOD  reason

    So mature, didnt know talking crap actually hurts people  :shok:

    I was talking about you, with you. Read again before posting more senseless stuff, and starting flames. You said you would change your attitude, but i keep seeing blablabla from you :/


    Keep stuff to yourself and maybe I will. I cant even pm you without you spreading every word I say.



    I know swaaz, he trolls. Thats all, lmao. I'm sorry if you got butthurt by him :)

    And btw, i wasnt talking about Swaaz, was I?

    And you were the one that said my name first, thats why i came here.


    I responded to him in a way where I can hurt him. Idk who you were talking about. You got me on the last one.

    and that the same reason unite called ladygi ( get lost .noob )

    cuz they jumped here :facepalm:


    It just makes no sense how they can call me an attention seeker when I'm just replying to what people say to me. Did you not see panchens mention my name in topic? Did you not see swaaz call me out? Like I said idiots will be idiots.




    What? No one is asking for drama. If you knew what swaaz does you would respond the same way. You guys say im looking for attention? I was simply replying to swaaz not talking to ladygi or kaworu. You guys jumped in my business and called me an attention seeker? How about no one asked you to reply to what me and swaaz were talking about. Simply idiots.

  7. LOL I knew she would send that to you. I told her that because I knew that you were desperate for another card to pull I just wanted to see how good I was at playing mind games. I would ace psychology. Thanks for pulling that card you just helped me prove my point. E-Daters are as pathetic as it gets.

  8. It takes much for you to understand I see. Good luck figuring it all out.


    Keep blowing that whistle kiddo XD


    Yes wave that white flag like its no tomorrow.
  9. Lame hopzz. You have shown up on forums with all your profiles attempting to provoke other players in a sad attempt to promote yourself, it is very transparent.


    Wether I am gay or not makes no difference, using those words in the way you did makes you as ignorant as any other simple minded buffoon who thinks it is ok to do so. To get our attention..lol... perhaps swaaz was just trying to get you to notice him by spouting a racial slur.. Justify it however you want, you are wrong.


    Ignorant hypocrite @}-


    I know you are just jelly and will attempt a reply with some dance of empty words. Go ahead kiddo.


    Promote myself? I was already known around sapphire way before people even knew I used forums. Keep trying with that. Ask anyone. I know your not gay because you e-date ladygi so that was another pathetic statement. I'm wrong please explain that more? None of your statements has proven valid points im justifying myself and doing so with flying colors. You never even detailed what I was wrong for doing. All I see is you calling me ignorant for pointing out other's wrong doing. Didn't know I was ignorant for that. Let me guess the police on the street are ignorant in your eyes also right?
  10. You are one to talk kiddo. Swaaz is a race hater, you are prejudice against gays, not to mention your pathetic attention seeking and trolls, if only you focused this much on your shaman..  Ignorant hypocrites are ignorant hypocrites.


    Blow whistle moar.


    Im prejudice against gays because I called you a fag? Well are you a fag? My attention seeking? I clearly point out wrong doings and trolling someone and 6 siding them because he tried to help is completely wrong. I called you something your not for an "attention getter" I wanted your attention to discuss an issue because you were wrong. All of a sudden im an attention seeker because I wanted a few seconds of your attention once and prejudice against gays because I called you something your not? Kill yourself.



    Edit: Learn what a real attention seeker is. Some perfect examples of attention seekers on forums are kitty united and Noob. They spam useless stuff such as smileys and "lols". You call me an attention seeker in a pathetic attempt to save your own ass from getting burned by me. Btw I said this before and I'll say this again my shaman is already built to be a pretty decent crossfighter/ganker. I can careless about some mad up pvp to determine who's the best. Go to the circus clown.

  11. lol

    too much text,didnt read everything,but 4 chars kotta means 4x captured shamans, 2 min each...yea..very lifeless :D

    omg.and all your drama cause a commented a picture.nice try to get attention:D bye


    Last thing I need is attention bro. You argue over someone's in game gender and I argue over a person's wrong doing. Tell me now which one is more attention seeking? Btw you didn't read my text for one of two reasons: Either you didn't understand half the words in it or you didn't want to get your feelings hurt. Either way I see why they call you gayrox you judge other boys. I wonder if communal showers is heaven for you?
  12. wait.i saw that movie  :lol:


    that guy take cut other people faces and wear it .Lol


    like swazz do


    Yes and he hides the ugly truth just like swaaz does to. Sounds like we both are on the same page. I bet he ignores both of us just like he ignored timeuss for busting him out and ignoring me for flaming him in game

    your a joke in life


    Says the guy who calls me ignorant right after he calls me a dumb ni.gger. Btw keep trying with this because you told my old bd your whole precious sad little life story. You dont even have enough balls to post your real pic on here. Keep hiding behind that troll mask just like in the movie texas chainsaw massacre where the guy has to hide his ugly face. You call me a joke in real life but says casual console gaming are for "nignogs" Oh what do you prefer games like this that sucks all your allowance and consumes 90% of your day? Better yet hit me up on Instagram and see how much of a life I dont have. I bet your one of those nerds who still use myspace just to search for porn. Keep trying clown.   
  14. u may fight that noob weaksauce hopzz (cant win fair fight, only left option is to shit it). but i dont want fight between babies  ;D . or my shammy's gonna scold u both  :diablo: ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


    Keep getting ganked if you want to. People seem to think Im a joke in game.
  15. lol,try to use your brain man

    i never said i would walk another way or any shit like tht.he look scary/evil cause of his eyes,his motuh(he dont smile/laugh or anything) and cause of his arm position,thts all. i like drama but in this case i just said my oppinion :facepalm: 



    So many ppl mad..very funnny...

    Its a game,i can do whatever i want to.

    but nice mc style...need whole party to *kill* me :D

    Sry,didnt read everything mecha,too much blablabla.


    Wow I smell a real hypocrite. You can dish it out but clearly cant take it. You dont want to start with me because you know im a finisher and ill end up making you look like a fool. You say it's a game I can do whatever I want but when I do the same thing as you (expressing opinion) you see me as the bad guy.  Your a joke and a clown. You call people no life's but you do swamps with 4 characters. A true hypocrite. I don't even do swamps with one character on most days sometimes I end up not doing swamps for weeks because it takes to long getting to kotrava. How do you manage that pretty little "life" of yours? Clown.
  16. ...why?

    at this picture,he looks evil/scary. wheres the problem? btw...its not your business :facepalm:


    You mean 2 things by this. This I know. You can either mean 1 he looks ugly (which is gay to judge another man) Or 2 he looks scary because hes black which is pretty stereotypical and ignorant. He looks like hes about 13-14 years old and your telling me if you saw him walking your way you would walk the other way? How dare you.
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