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  1. Omg I did not know that first picture was that fag jwk lmao that kid tried to talk shit to me also... I had to ignore his dumb ass for a minute but now that i know he looks like a pot belly arabian sloth it makes my flame paragraph much more easier omg i cant believe i let this ugly fag  actually get to me now i know what he looks like all i can do is sit back and laugh maybe if you get a decent haircut a polo that costs more then $5 and get a phone where you dont actually have to hold it up to a mirror to take a pic maybe you wont die a virgin

    wow this is the kid who says "I ducked your mom" you think her standards would stoop that low to where she would even talk to a chubby arabic kid with a bad haircut and a $20 outfit? Lol get some money and then talk ♥♥♥♥♥

  2. Dont talk shit and say stuff.to me if you dont like it back. Grow the hell up hopzzz...and act like ur an angel or something lol. Lame ass...idc if u jump im mad because ur ignorant and ♥♥♥♥♥♥ means lazy and ignorant. My gfs mom is black as i told u before but u keel talking shit everytime in pvp. Grow up as u say ur a man not a boy..just shut up already


    u said "ur race is gay" i have a ss of that clearly racism and a means of thinking ur race is superior over mine but now i can just sit back and laugh knowing ur from Mexico makes me laugh so hard ur a minority to and ur looking down on me?????? Lmao goofy ♥♥♥♥♥
  3. I dont care about someone saying the word but using it in an insulting way? Calling me a dumb ♥♥♥♥♥♥? Saying my race is gay? Stereotyping me saying i steao bikes?  Wouldn't u want public humiliation for that person or some type of consequences people like swaaz and dac are just as ignorant as he is thinking its ok to make racial remarks in an offensive way besides there is NO proof that i even said something insulting to him like i said i kill a couple elves next thing i know i see "hopzz u dumb fat ♥♥♥♥♥♥" but hmm i guess that's ok swaaz and dac?

  4. racist slur - 10 IQ points automatically deducted. :bad:

    I would call Hoppz an annoying, border hopping, royal pain in the ass who plays a gimp, OP, easy to play, no skill class.

    but I would not use the N word. thats just lame.

    I'm from the south, all you racist bastards need to shut the hell up you're making us white boys look like dumb fs. :diablo: 

    for the record hoppz I am one redneck who would stomp the HEEEELLL out of another redneck if they spoke to anyone of color in that manner in my presence. 

    hope the screenshot is enough to get them banned.


    Finally someone gets it NO matter what the other guy said there isn't an excuse in the world to provoke a racial slur and beginning to talk mess about a race of people.
  5. Swaaz where have you been? Are you scared to come pvp cave now? So you guys agree with her/his racism? So its ok to be a racist? Lets just call everyone in game racial slurs how about it?  These questions require a response while you guys are sticking up for her racism i might as well be a racist in game also.

    So im inferring that you guys think its cool to be racist huh? Your'e obviously shunning me more then you should be shunning him/her. People these days

  6. hoppz... seriously it took me 5 or 6 runs at you with multiple allies before I could get you out of my AO. :facepalm:

    kudos for being an annoying pain in the arse. :good:

    sadly no gear upgrades due for awhile now so the damage you were seeing today is about the best its going to get for awhile. :nea:

    my next template is going to be built specifically for killing you or at least giving me the best chance.  :diablo:

    thats months away though  :(


    haha ty i try  ;D
  7. Well I already sent a report to support and I'm just waiting on the consequences but this time I have clear evidence of racism in game. I did not do anything all I did was kill elves like I usually do and next thing I know racial slurs are being thrown around





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