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  1. I've waited 4-5 weeks and i still haven't got any answers, why? :unknw:
  2. I sended in a support help to Warspear for about 1 week ago, my question is: How long does it take to get a reply?
  3. I cant send a report to warspear because it always says: Error vertification code is wrong ive tried a couple of times writing the vertification code right but it still wont send. Why?
  4. Who will I report to if I have screenshots on two people that trading accounts? Its illegal to trade accounts in ws right?
  5. Ye, ik that. Idc if i lost my shaman, i just wanna make his reputation bad.
  6. Its not my shaman anymore, Roguekillz stole it, i hope it get banned and Roguekillz.
  7. Ikr :bad: There is no good friends in warspear
  8. Ye i know, but i dont care if i got scammed, i traded by my own risk. All i want is 2 get Roguekillz a bad reputation.
  9. Roguekillz is a scammer. Roguekillz is a scammer. Roguekillz is a scammer. Roguekillz is a scammer. Roguekillz is a scammer.
  10. If i told u the one to the left is supposed to be ur sister and the one 2 the right supposed 2 be ur mom. :blush:
  11. Took a peaceful walk at Town 4 before these two b*tches stole my eyes. :tease: (Calling you b*tches cuz i aint know ur name) :give_rose:
  12. Dont press 2x2 if u dont now what u getting into, faggot. Tired of u all noobs ducking up my stats. Especially wiliammtwo (usuckcock)
  13. U fat motherducker... Eat a ducking cheese ball and stfu.
  14. Wooow sorry miss rich boy. I bet every1 have 100$ to spend on ws every ducking day, but there is some ppl that doesnt use their brain for example u and pvprange. We spending our money on other shit thats useful. Btw u dont need to show off its only 500 players in every server, and we all know u aint spending 100$ every week.
  15. I bet u r the most retarted and hated player in this game and in forum... duck me u everywhere :bad:
  16. Using the n-word because i didnt wanna fight in arena... Before using these words lose some weight u fat white boy..
  17. Lmao, i know that my gf will aint play this game and i know that i cant get horny on a ducking guy with a ducking dress on. We all know u cant get pussy at home, i dont think u know this, but u cant get pussy in warspear.
  18. Well, i think its better than ppl that r 20+, serious? If u dont got a gf in real life, dont try to get a gf in warspear. (Get a ducking life) :bad: :bad: :bad:
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