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  1. Cross u may be able to rape those mages but ik forsure u won't rape my lvl 17 mage with 338 sun. They might not be able to now how to use mage but I do, I have tactics of raping warlocks. If u know how to use mage u will rape any warlock. Thank you! Cross you need to get better at crossing bro I was throwing your chars all over. 8)

  2. There's already a scammers list its by cherrybia, go to general then go to eu-emerald. Everyone post scammers in there and cherry puts it up in list and there's a lot already in list. 8)

  3. Devs on my T mobile G1 I'm still having force close problems right when I open app I hope this will be fixed soon, it has Os 1.6. I usally play on my android tell the update came out now it force closes all the time, I even tried my ipod 4th generation and it does the same thing, please have it fix soon snorlax u said u where looking into it, and I know its not my phone because I cleared cache and cleared data and also reboot it and I did the factory reset and it still force close.,Thank you, neromage  :wacko:

  4. .... You see whats above your post? Thats called a qeustion. Of course ima complain on a forum. Its partly tha reason theyre made. If you dnt like my posts dont read them.  Have yourself a nice day.



    I agree nakkti that was rude of her to say that! :facepalm:

  5. Bds are better then rouges. I use mage and I have no problem killing rouges its so easy. Stealth don't haarm me because if the rouge is in a certain area of the mage u can take them out of stealth with chains shadder or teleport, I have no problem with rouges, I would like to see a rouge beat me in 1vs1  8)

  6. I love chains very helpful because when rouges stealth and there by me I click chains and it takes them out of stealth, teleport and shadder also do this. But I would like chains to stun though would really make mage even more op! 8)

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