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  1. Hello devs.


    I Would like to know why Swaaz banned me for 1 day? He said, i was using an innapropiate Languge on ''What's wrong with nbk'' topic,but I check the topic 1000x times and i can't see where i used an innapropiate languge.


    But if we talk about innapropiate languge most of the people on the topic should be banned too because they all used a innapropiate language like sapphire calling us Pedorapist or Mumei who called me ''Faggot'' or skiziokills who uploaded a picture with a really innapropiate languge.


    You guys have to do something with this mood becuase everyone always has a problem with him :facepalm:


    When many people dislike a person its not because we are hating its because he has problems as person.

  2. Incorrect Jesenia was +10 all before Anyone Maaraa got her tax Return in Feb and spent it on ws stole arena ranks saved signs amped +10 Rings as well Abt 500$ id say Right off the bat to +10

    Two chars and he amped his guild mates 9 and supplies there tics as



    I wont Bias your oppinion but Maaraa just amped 10 Recently And was always to weak to fight players and didnt wanna use so

    She'll Multi log lv7s use on in her pt one in a loser pt with lv10 Friend and have at it

    I ain't talking about maara lol, I know others lv10s that are +10 since a long time ago.


    maara is just a strong and rich newbie for me thats all.

  3. ive known sapphire longer than youve even played this game, and i barely talk to her, hence why i said i missed her. we used to talk alot in 2012 however. keep >implying and we will have a problem. using your age as an excuse to imply youre better than others is the last thing you want to do, when youre not even an adult to begin with. and she isnt 40 years old, or 58. 

    play since 2009 :D enough time to call myself an old player and what's the problem? you told the same to poley about roland and her and nothing happened and you're saying that we're going to have a problem? ha funny!


    let me say it one more time, sapp is 58.


    Hanazono im talking about the last one hehe, I just want to know if ur 6th sense is right :P



    And what's the problem if cyber has gf in-game? Sapp was timeus's gf  jesenia is turtle's gf, if cyber has 1 or + gfs is cuz he knows how to get girls lmfao :D and know how to do it in real life, not like sapp and turtle who can online date ppl via online cuz they are too ugly.

  4. Just cuz I "flirt" with some ppl doesnt mean I get free stuff or ask for free stuff, ask anyone that knows me if I've ever asked them for anything. I wanna see a ss of me asking for something and being serious. 


    Kaz I dont flirt with anih, he's a good friend, and swazz is an old friend. 


    Btw I can flirt with whoever I want whenever I want, last time I looked I was free, white, and over 18, I dont answer to ne one. and if my fiance doesnt care why tf do u? yall jealous no one flirtin with u cuz ur all old ugly pedos?  : Get over urself  :good:

     I wouldn't be happy if a 54 years old with 29kids flirt with me.

  5. We all know how "pro" ya all guys, now keep beggin for noobs attention ;D im out of this topic


    Xhero: anyone can go all +10 and call himself pro, wannabe pvprange, +10 but no skills,no life,no gf, no jop, stealing his mum and dad money,just to amp to +10 and call himself a pro


    haha you should see how i raped some faggots in MW2 online and my level was only 20 on prestige 1 while they were on prestige 9, then they start to talk shit and call me hax, same happen here, noobs jelly of pro players, thinks that amp is everything, i can go full+10 without sign discount in 10 mins but why wasting money to prove that i have no life over a 2d game to people i will never really meet in rl who take it srsly :D im done here

    You always say ''im done here or im out of the topic'' dude Do us a favor a gtfo.




    Hanazono Hikari You haven't answered my question yet.
  6. xhero: kiwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii topic, keep it on guys


    xhero: yushiko, try talk to my warlock now and btw, nice female name





    My character is a female everyone knows im a fagget lol didn't you read mumei's comment?

  7. Hey!! I can sense that whether someone is a girl or isnt. There are some typical things inside a girl. Sorry, but men dont know it ;D!

    My 6th sense is telling me that you're wrong and sapp is a boy.

  8. Agree,many players think if they create female accounts, others will give them items for free hahaha

    It's you or the forum is having problems?

     you replied 6 or 7 times lol


    When i click on ''Post'' I have to press F5 the page doesn't want to load. %)


    Jarlax click on Report Option to make a mod delete the others 6 or 5 reply.

  9. No I haven't but timeus can probably confirm that she's a girl lmao. Not only that but she's one of the oldest players in warspear, surely in game you can't lie forever? If you spend a lot of time on a game why would you make yourself a boy? Surely you would try to open up to some people, jeez.

    being an old player doesn't mean anything %) and timeusss? lmfao timeuss was dating a boy for 2 years!! he was dating Mrsxalpha (he was using fake pics of another famous person on facebook).


    Sapp is just using fake pics exactly as mrsxalpha did.

  10. People cant have gfs in rl, so they start talk shit about a girl ingame they didnt even see 


    When you say that, you just make me remember about turltle and jesenia relationship lmao!


    Cybernem I heard that Obama take cares of sapp's 29 kids.

  11. i got proofs of hassn buying accounts

    i got proofs of maaraa saying she buy lvl7 characters

    i got proofs of you saying that your lvl14 character not belong to you


     like you say


    i can log new character, say something in world chat, go to photoshop. copy name of someone talking in world chat, send to devs

    yay lets ban everyone


    your to idiotic to understand that devs system check the IP of character-all payment IP- if they find that your ip is different from the ip your char was made, you will get perm ban,as good as this system is.many people get unfair bans after they travels,or doing payments in other countries

    If i bought my lv14 rogue you can report me go send to the devs those pics.



    You want me to say it again? Yes, I bought Yushiko rogue lv14 Devs go check my IP Thanks.


    Afatoldman isnt xherodark cuz i was on his ignore list and i can pm him now.

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