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  1. The safety of an account is the responsibility of the player. Please keep in mind the following suggestions to help ensure you're doing your part to keep your account safe. 1. Never giver out your account information regardless of the reason. 2. Change your password frequently. 3. Use a unique name for your Warspear Online account not associated with other online activities. 4. Maintain system and software updates as they address security concerns frequently. 5. Do not name your in-game character after or in relation to your account name. 6. Remember to use your anti-virus and anti-malware software consistently. 7. Make passwords a mixture of letters and numbers of at least 8 characters. :good:
  2. also lots of players have been reporting of the same problems... and not only about accounts being blocked but also players being in "Quite mode" and cannot chat with others... here are some links.. I hope the dev's will fix this and the blocked accounts without reason as soon as possible... http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=73889.0 http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=74064.0
  3. but what if you did nothing and get banned or blocked? how about that? many players are being framed or set up or sometimes the dev's misunderstand the proof sent to them...? how about that? what do we do about it? that's kinda unfair is it not? :(
  4. Ghost


    this could be a sub-class for blade dancers :shout:
  5. Plenty of accounts being blocked for no reason at all... 5 players I know got blocked for doing nothing against the rules. What could be the reason of all this? Is this just a bug? well.... players need answers.... NOW!! :diablo:
  6. Thanks. That post isn't mine but it was the same idea.. maybe that's why they deleted it.. It's all good now. :good:
  7. Ghost

    Lvl 20 Ranger

    What is the best skill build for a good lvl 20 ranger? Explain why? What are the skills effect? *Include both build for PvP and PvE
  8. Ghost

    Skill Build

    I'm confused.. So what's the best build...? hmmm... :unknw:
  9. What is the best skill build for a good lvl 20 blade dancer? Explain why? What are the skills effect? *Include both build for PvP and PvE
  10. What's the best set of equips for a lvl 20 blade dancer?
  11. 1.) What's the best set of equips for a lvl 20 ranger?
  12. Ghost


    I didn't say anything like that... Anyway don't be mad.. It's all good. ;)
  13. Ghost


    True... and you going against my post violates my right to post my thought here.
  14. Ghost


    Why don't you just hang yourself instead of sniffin my underwear?
  15. Ghost

    Rap "Battles"

    Red sun dawn... bows are drawn.... skull and bones.... MC's beast of war... Father help me stop this.... rush of blood to the head.... I look at you and I see red... start the war games... I'll end it... by this hate that you help the world create my ranger's name is Legend and I've been sent.... now repent.. I'm the war that comes to you... I'm the plague that follows through.... I've been told.... you've been warned... to stop the hatred you have spawned... The qualms you have are stupid.... by this movement manifest.. The Lord now puts you to the test, yet you fail..... Now the blind that follow you will burn in hell with you.... All by myself.... I know that I stand here alone.... I'm stronger now..... stronger now than I was before....There's no way you can hurt me, move me, stop me.... All you wanna be emcee's talk too much!! so all I can say is m**********r hush... haha peace! ;)
  16. dual shot!!!! yiiiihaaaaaah!!! bang! bang! :spiteful: :good:
  17. Yup. Security Code is the best option for account recovery system.
  18. The 8-digit security code is meant for "account recovery". So its much easier to prove that you are the real owner of the account you are trying to recover and to prevent the scenario's from the first post from happening. got it? As a "dev" or whatever they call you here, you should be the one promoting this kind of idea and not going against it. I'm really disappointed.
  19. No problem. We all want to have a better community. I'm one of the people who likes to help. :good:
  20. well let's hope they listen this time.... this is a very important matter..
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