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  1. I am coming to support today in hopes of getting help but honestly im not too optimistic given previous problems tho i must say they have always been resolved. Anyway on to my problem when i came back to warspear after update i got def amp spheres i used a few (3) on my graceful swordbelt n to my surprise it was lost no warning nothing not even a detail box like the ones setup for every other thing. Anyway it took me months of hunting to get that belt from lambert n i feel its very unfair. I tried to let it go but through hunting i just cnt. I could understand if there was a warning or i did it knowing it cud happen but that isnt the case. Anyway my question is, is it possible to get that belt bck in any way cuz i jus dnt understand. Thank you in advance for looking into my problem. Plz get back to me as soon as possible. Hope its a positive answer coming from a player thats been here over a year now. Thanks again.
  2. Hey guys i need a big favor from all members. First ill explain when I first got back to playing after update I tried using amp def sphere on my graceful swordbelt from lambert didnt know about signs or anything and lost it.im gonna ask devs now but im sure they will say " there is nothing we can do". So what im asking of all active members is to meet up this weekend n hunt bg (mainly lambert) please. I really want that belt bck n no one on our server has it that ive seen. Reply if ur interested. And remembef those who reply ill be in ur debt and most Know i repay handsomely lol other than that cheers.
  3. SET THE TIME ONCE WE HAVE A MISSION IM THERE :good: :drinks: :aggressive:
  4. lmao hahahahaha first let me say welcome all new members . secondly ill just say im amazed that almost 50 pages of the clanbook are pure trash but on to other thing ive been absent for about 40 pasges n im quite happy i was seeing as how it would be a waste, with the current state of things. i usually pop online but rarely c anyone so i leave. been playing o&c ill try to b on more often so look out for me peace
  5. After all fof rangers get bow kryl needs one plz :blush:
  7. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE????? Im gone for one week and now we are in pure chaos? We are NOT children yet we bicker over frivolous issues. Are u guys telling me we really need to create rules/agreements/guidelines/codes of conduct. SERIOUSLY?? Anyway continue as u were hopefully everything is settled when i return which should be 08/10/2011. P.S. As for Marshal i doubt u asked everyone and if u did n no one answered :search: well i dnt know what to say. that would be a sad day for F.O.F. :drinks: :friends: :good: :yahoo: :aggressive:
  8. Lol go go go go go go go!!!!! >:D :aggressive:
  9. What drop? N what happen?
  10. Guys i hate at&t i hate it i hate it i hate it >:D they suck it seems i have to wait some more :mega_shok: whats the beef u two? p.s. Need similar type images guys. For instance we need to decide whether it will be animated pic, painted,CG, real life etc. and then get those type of pics for ur character. Cya :good:
  11. Welcome all, and my new phone should be here today :clapping: :yahoo: so ill be a bot again lol :drinks:
  12. Guys u wont c me online for a few more days only on forum. I give my ok to those two.
  13. Guyz i realized something we never invited rankin to our clan so after so long i nominate him
  14. Guyz i realized something we never invited rankin to our clan so after so long i nominate him.
  15. I dnt kno gradex yet so ill have to play with him as for the otther two they pass.
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    Shy upload it in largest size u can so i can download it
  17. krylancelo


    Im gonna create a fof clan pic consisting of all cureent members. What i need frm everyone is for each of u to search the web n find a pic of what they think best suits their main character n post here ill take them all n create a cool pic. P.s. Try to get a pic that shows entire body ill upload examples in 20 when i get to my pc.
  18. Lately there has been increase in disconnections and unannounced server downtimes without even an explanation or word from developers.i was wondering why everyone quitting but i think im getting an idea as to why. So sadd. Remember people dont necessarily need a quick fix what they need at very least is an explanation. Trust me we wouldnt be so angry or frustated. Just my opinion.
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