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  1. Wow fof has become superstars!!! We moved our topic and ppl jus decide to post there issues here we must be therapist shrinks whatever u wanna call it. Why ppl comin here to complain on sulla we arent his parents. I mean cmon now.(sulla behave or you'll get spanked lol). Plz ppl stop using our topic to complain. Especially when its not even an fof member.
  2. WOW=World of Warcraft WOM=World of Midgard
  3. Yea guys no need to respond who ever it is obviously made that account yesterday jus to stay anonymous (thats cowardly) n i kno i dnt usually partake but the pot shouldnt call the kettle black. Yea ahmed said hes working. Ohhh and besides guys fof was never about how many members we have. we know the good we do and the players we affected.(i still have ppl come to me and say do u remember me you helped me with this or that)-which is proof of our existence. Ppl will come and ppl will go but fof is forever. :drinks:
  4. U mean odin? Lol i tried that in warspear but was taken
  5. Actually right now in beta testing getting feedback from players and fixing it. U go to their site and subscribe for an access pass but right now it closed we jus missed it ryn lol but no worries second phase passes will be out most likely on march 8th or 9th. So we gotta wait but u can also check out their forum and get answers to all questions. Guys my name there is same krylancelo..
  6. Im on forum now jas whats ur name there?@all what will guild be named?
  7. Most smartphones from 2011 some high end devices from the end of 2010 like galaxy s are compatible so most of us should be fine. I hope
  8. Nice let us know how it runs and i say species has always followed the rules. So should be no question here lol :good:
  9. Just checked back my access pass and they are sold out until phase 2 which may start march 7 or 8 not definite :'( i missed it this sucks but its ok lol. Where,when and how are we gonna create clan rules?
  10. I cant wait for my paypal to replenish arghhh want to beta test need details whoever starts first. Most who gonna play should join forum and also decide on alliance and other things like that. P.s. also no beef here plz any bad things to say do it in old thread plz. And any of u planning to get epic dragon mount? Also if we can reach lvl 25 we will have a special title that only beta testers can get.
  11. P.S. in the last topic things might have gone a bit easier if ppl knew in emerald fof r elves. When fof member using a mc in emerald that alt is not actually fof and should be considered mc but they r still friends so ur choice whether to attack or not. And friends wud know we r jus playing a game it natural that we all wanna test our strenghth and if we cant with friends then who? Strangers to end up creating enemies? I personally only fight strangers when attacked. And if we ar friends we should be able to talk about the great battles we had and not why u kill me (UNLESS ON A QUEST). Anyway thats past past news on to bigger and better things. :drinks: (if u notice i drink alot in post lol)
  12. FOF emerald is elf but in reality we have mc in sapphire n other alts in other severs only in emerald we said there wud be no fof mc. Facts my friend lol. If we do play russiun server it wud probably not be as fof but as one big group of mc or elf whichever we end up deciding. Im sure thats what sulla meant one big group of whicer side roaming the streets of ru servrmer from the beginning running quests. At least thas what i think everyone means. @slay half of those games r just rpg not mmo. Lol have caligo chaser its cool but wud be better online. And the 10$ for wom is lifetime fee so less than o&c in long run but graphics weaker im jus hoping u dnt need to much of a high-end device to run cuz that wud limit our friends. We wud probably be good since the 5 or 6 here recently upgraded ther device in the past 4 months. Jus cross ur fingers and hope for the best. Cuz honestly o&c has the worst compatibility with devices i have three devices an it only works on the oldest one. >:D :drinks:
  13. I didnt go anywhere lol 8) im not in game often now because of the way its going but leave events or meetings details in here and ill definitely be there. :drinks: P.s. there should also so be honorary members for the new inducties and they'll have a 3 month probation period. Should help with screening process. Also add rulebook soon leader. :aggressive: :good:
  14. I joined because after raising my characters with slay, fareuth,slade,scourge,sylvannia(wolf),xiowen,goddropped, (kuro first then kryl) slay asked me to join and explained exactly what it meant to be fof. We even went sapphire and came bck again anyway i said yes and followed the rules to the letter helped countless noobs along the way.basically i am fof and will always be whether or not the clan exist anymore. :drinks: :good: :search:
  15. Ur absolutely right sulla in the beginning it was awwww, then marcin & sulla that were allies maybe two more i dnt remember. That was the great old days way back with Goddropped(b4 even van or strider had joined lol) AnD CLAN had maybe 11 members i still have the email ryn sent haha bck when i was a robot. Dnt get me wrong ive enjoyed the new editions this past year just then was a simpler time.
  16. Oh yea i agree for king all around great guy plus he has access to bank already so it jus makes sense. Im an anime freak ryn(hokage) king + queen (advisors) lol
  17. Jas im trying to put money on my paypal. Latest by tomorrow ill keep u updated. Do u have beta access if u do what side n name?
  18. Sent u a message before i saw clanbook link ill look in to all the UI's they provide and c what i can do. To jas why dnt u get a beta access passs and join with me im trying to get on by weekend (world of midgard). As for clan disbanding i dnt think its a good idea its not like fof is just for warspear we try to meet in many games.
  19. World of midgard is beta testing guys with a lifetime membership for $9.98 check out the link http://www.worldofmidgard.com/
  20. Jas world of midgard (compatible With both android and ios) :'( looks like it will be pretty good.cant wait. :drinks: we were getting bck into wso but after spendin 50$ and still cant fully amp we found it to be pointless thats why most of us stopped playing and mostly y ryn stopped as well not because of arguements of mc wars or anything of that nature jus one main reason game to expensive compared to other mmorpgs that give 3d graphics and much more perks.its just common sense y play a game where u cant be the best without spending big bucks. Fyi those of u who didnt get y ryn(slay) and others stop playing. Anyway earth and legends look good but only multiplayer through wifi which sux. Still looking tho k eep me posted. P.s. cant play wow to well. My laptop is more than compatible but controls to difficut for me :-( And cnt do the cloud thing yet with it mainly cuz i dnt know how. Anyways hit me up if u find something new we can all play.
  21. Im really searching for an mmorpg that we can all play. Any of u wanna search too,post ur findings here ty bye.
  22. Game is boring no one on when i chk so i jus leave bad enuff no quest but no friends thats just dreadful. Right now im playing old (classic) n64 games on my phone. Lol good old days
  23. Ill continue playing as i always did since the beginning . Count on that. :good: :tease: :drinks:
  24. Well idk too much i just know that i took long way to reach chief n as i got there 5 min later sulla (who i didnt c attk) n a group of about 20mc came slaughtered us while in the middle of boss.idk whats going on thought there was unspoken agreemen not to attk while killing boss but i guess not. Oh well just a game.
  25. No i had jus logged in n had a def amp shere. Knew nothing about losing item or sign of imperishability. It should have had a warning before use or something. Like the blue screens that pop up. Any whats the point of losing an item thats plain ridiculous. Seems more like a money making scheme to me.jus saying.
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