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  1. i found out the problem my opengl is not working anymore i try other games like frozen throne using open gl is not working...........i use to tweak my opengl using glide wrapper for diablo 2 ...........can someone help me to reset opengl to its original settings
  2. i need help can someone solve this for me!!its happen just now ...but before its working perfectly
  3. its an in game profile....i never registered any email i though that its already registered through steam but its not....i press on create new profile then my main account was gone i hope u could help me
  4. how to fix this i have open gl 1.4 version windows 7 64 bit ....it shows warspear opengl renderer error when i set warspear to 256 bit colors but when i open warspear online in normal mode it does show a square with the transparency screen and does not show any sign of the game picture please help!!
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