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  1. Denzek

    Mcoins price

    Yea but for the price of 50k mcoins you can buy a ps4 here in this country. Thats just crazy. Lets be real its a mobile game and pc 2D. 28k mcoins is 800+dkk it should atleast be like 400dkk. Itss wayyy too expensive atm. The max mcoins i ever bought is 6k mcoins and that was like 150+dkk Thats just unfair that russians can get 28k mcoins for 150dkk more than i gave for 6k. And they get x5 more mcoins
  2. Denzek

    Mcoins price

    Hi im from denmark and i know alot other country's fell the same way. I have a problem with mcoins price, i dont think its fair just because its a russian game that they should have 50% off in money spending off what we other have. Lets say i wanna buy 28k mcoins. That will cost me 839 dkk and thats 8161 rubs. And in russian 28k mcoins is only 3500rubs that is 359dkk.. I realy just dont understand why it gotta be so expensive for us here on other coutries?? Can you guys from gm pls do somthing about it because its kinda very annoying and makes alot wanna quit the game just because of that.
  3. Denzek

    No rep event.

    Can we pls get no rep event soon agien. So much easiyer for many players to lv up then and get more gp.
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