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  1. Nice work good luck dude


    Thanks again for the support everyone!

    Check out my art and design work on bstiles.com I will be posting a pretty sick video of a painting I just did in my blog soon.

  2. Nice i hope warspear chose you and make that costume in miracle shop :give_rose:


    Thanks for the support everyone!

    It would be awesome to have made an ingame costume!


    Check out more of my work on bstiles.com if your interested.


  3. I agree, this is one of the most detailed costumes so far. If this competition ended now this would be one of the winners for sure!


    Thanks for your support guys! And everyone else who likes my design.

  4. Well i saw tht icons somwere..but i dnt remeber were...so if rrealy u are the desingner should not take to long time to crate aback side and left&right sides...so do it..


    I haven't done the sides and back yet because I have a job, school, and an internship, not because I can't...

    Here is a proof pic that I made the sprite, now be patient.


  5. I like it alot... what design program did you use?



    An advanced microsoft paint program I just downloaded. Its better for pixel art than photoshop imo. Its much easier to work pixel by pixel.



    its on paint.net  :good:

  6. Thanks for the feedback guys! I'll get the sides and back done asap. I may be making more costumes if I have the time!












    bstiles.com - my art and design portfolio, check the blog too!

  7. This is the Unholy Guard in a few different colorways. I wanted to make an epic tank costume so I made this guy! Full plate armor costume, with cloak. The chest piece takes the form of a horned demon. I am a artist and graphic designer, check out my work on bstiles.com 8)


    Finished up the sides and back, enjoy!






  8. The costumes do not relate to religion in ANY way

    ......other than the time of year they are released.


    Maybe the creators of the game don't celebrate Islam?  :unknw:


    So they make content for popular holidays they care about,

    which is in no way prejudice.  :drinks:

  9. First I would like to say that a collaboration of minor changes / new quests would greatly increase play for all players, especially for lvl 20 players with nothing more to do but arenas / get money.

    The issue is that Signs of Imperishability are too difficult to get without spending money... We all know that Warspear Online is meant to profit the company, this is not the problem, the problem is that it is nearly impossible to be a “top” player without buying signs. Therefore the game becomes run on people spending real cash, and players are discouraged from continuing to play.




    Minor Changes:

    -If signs could be obtained by spending arena points, like the spheres of damage/defense II, this would help out serious players a lot, and they would be able to put spare arena points to good use.  :good:

    -In arena, if your team wins, you should be able to keep your ticket; like so with Signs of Imperishability, if the enchantment is successful, you do not lose the sign.



    New Quests:

    -Since warspear is a pvp geared game, it only makes sense that there should be more PVP quests!

    These new DAILY PVP Quests would be difficult such as killing 10 lvl 19-20s, and the reward could be random: arena tickets / spheres / signs.




    I know in the rules it says to list different ideas under different threads, but this idea in general is to make people spend more time playing the game. This group of ideas makes the whole.


    These Slight changed would benefit players and gameplay greatly! They would encourage people to play more and grow a larger community!

    Larger community = Higher company profit.

    Thanks for your time.

    Freaki  8)

  10. The Sword has 152 damage, with 2.0 speed and parry 2.0%

    The Dagger has 139 damage, with 1.7 speed, and Hit 2.3%          Both have crit.. resil....



    I assume that like all swords/daggers in the same class ( level / rarity ) the dagger has slightly higher base dps but the sword hits higher merciless strikes.



    I think I will end up getting one scout sword / dagger, for the best of both worlds.  8)



    What is your opinion? is parry even worth stacking on a rogue over dps attributes?



    What are you going to get?  ::)

    (my guess is most of you will get sword x2)

  11. I understand that the difficulty of the quest determines which "item group" is in the mystery reward slots.


    BUT I have completed all of the swamp quests MANY TIMES OVER, and have received:

                    2 purple

                    5? blue

                    Countless scrolls, pots, gems, and grey items! ( Maybe more like 40-50 )


    Whenever I choose I get the worst item 90% of the time. It makes the quests almost not worth doing. At this point I feel the reward is much more RIGGED than RANDOM!



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