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  1. On 4/15/2019 at 5:48 AM, SageofWarspear said:


    For lower level Paladins I recommend sticking to Magic Paladin setups.


    Weapon setup:

    Would be a Spear with Magic Damage Enchantment Crystal or a Magic Hammer with Magic Enchantment Crystal.


    Armor setup:

    Should consist of gears that give you maximum hp possible (Heroic endurance,Craft Gears etc.)


    Mana(Energy) Regeneration Cape with Magic Damage (Abyss zealot damned mantle)

     / Hp Magic Damage Amulet ( Medallion of Thousand Suns)

    / Hp Magic Damage Accuracy Rings (Heavenly Signet) should be a proper setup for accessories.



    At level 18 It is not advisable however you can be destructive at level 20. These setups still are effective nevertheless but not attaining full potential.


    Expert skills:

    First 2 should be Harad's Banner (3/4) and Harad's Call (1/4) . If you can open skill slots you can get Illumination and others.


    PvP / PvE skill setup:


    For Full Magic PvE/PvP:


    5/5 Fetters of Justice

    5/5 Heavenly light 

    3/5 Aura 



    For Mid Magic/Physical PvE/PvP:


    5/5 Fetters Of Justice 

    5/5 Purify 

    3/5 Heavenly Light


    Harad's Banner should be 3/4 in both cases.


    Signature Combos for turning enemies at PvP to ash:


    1) For Close Ranged (Melee Type Enemies):


    Normal damage >

    Fetters of Justice >

    Normal damage >

    Harad's Banner > 

    Normal damage >

    Purify >

    Harad's Call aimed behind the enemy > 

    Normal damage >

    Next Expert Skill / Heavenly Light.


    Result with Spear will give you a proper 10000 Damage Burst in less than 10 seconds / 7000 - 8000 using Magic Hammer (Can top up 10K with illumination and other skills like Sun Seal etc.)


    2) For Ranged Enemies:


    Same as with Melee however you start with Harad's Call and aim an accurate jump using the edge of the target locator (the 2x2 aiming box).


    Harad's Call aimed on enemy >

    Fetter Of Justice >

    Normal damage >

    Harad's Banner >

    Normal damage >

    Purify >

    Other Expert Skill / Heavenly Light.


    Recommended Stats:


    Minimum Health required = 4000.


    Minimum Physical Defence required = 4000.


    Minimum Magical Defence required = 3000.


    Minimum Physical Damage required = 425 (With Spear) / 275 (With Magic Hammer).


    Minimum Magical Damage required = 260 (With spear) / 380 (With Magic Hammer).


    Secondary stats are not much considered but do keep High Critical with Morderate Accuracy and about 8% Cooldown without Guild Cooldown Passive Buff.


    And you are good to go ! I guarantee you will love your Paladin and enjoy it's insane versatile nature , powerful PvP ability (you mostly kill people instantly). Do note ... These setups will also allow you to farm bosses in Irselnort Map 2. 


    Message me here or in-game 

    US-Sapphire Realm

    SageHoch / KnightSage / (-.- too many chars but those two are what I usually use).




    P.S: If you can afford Lifesteal Magic Accessories and Vamprism Runes ... *Game Crashed*

    really thank you for such surprisingly deep and helpful answer!

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