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A new problem - Lightsadow - US-sapphire

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In a certain place in the vast land of ayvondil, there was a young ranger named Lightsadow that just recently had started a life as a hunter of beast and monsters for a small guild, however, right now, he was traveling through different paths where he didn't know where to go... Earlier that day he had been invited by his friends to a new section they had discovered in that area, a set of caves where it was said they lay creatures that have never seen sunlight or had even seen any light, he reject the offer but the others prepared to go without looking back, even so accompany them to the entrance as his friends ventured their fears begin. "What would happen to them if they found something so big they could not face?" Or "what if they get lost?" Undoubtedly they were obvious concerns for a newly discovery, after thinking for ten minutes he decided to enter that place without end. Having started his journey to nothing with every step he took, each meter, every centimeter he crossed that dark and gloomy abyss produced a feeling of terror inside him, the almost infinite darkness didn't help with his lonely journey in the search since in spite of being illuminated with a torch he could not see what there was from two meter beyond its location, so without direction he continued. It had been thirty minutes since its inception but there was no trace of them, monsters or animals, the only thing he could hear was the absolute silence of nothingless itself, until in the distance there were noises in that hurry step, little by little an image bacame more visible, first it was joy, then doubt and finally fear for what he saw in front of him. All of his friends lay on the ground dead and standing still in a creature that had no human form or any recognizable form, he knew it would be a tough fight but he couldn't leave then without thinking twice Light began to attack with is crossbow a flank of that monster, almost whispering pronounced: -"Powerful shot" at that moment the arrow shoots out with great speed, however, that creature manages to dodge easily, a second passed, two, thre-- the creature began to move quickly towards Light as if it were reflex, he shouted this time: -"Fire arrow!" The arrow in a matter of seconds it catches fire then it shoots out, his attacker tries to jump to avoid it but it's too late he manages to drill, then began to grunt and scream in his eyes was the thirst for blood and hatred towards the cause of his suffering. This time he charged with even more speed and agility than before, Light started fleeing that area running in other corridors avoiding his persuer however after running and hiding for about ten minutes he stopped not because fatigue but because his had begun. Exalting and shouting to get the attention of the creature: -"Point shooting!" It was all or nothing he had been preparing for ten minutes, for his victory. Without warning the creature appeared at the other end of that corridor even more furious than before, and then charged to attack him. -"Powerful shot!" , "Fire arrow!" , "Hail of arrows!" Each of those attacks failed, Light despite having failed his attacks showed no expression on his face, quickly protecting himself with is arms he throws to the ground, but this time there was something different in his expression...a small smile, the creature that was less than a meter away from Light had sealed his fate *clik* it's the last thing he heard because after that there was an explosion of the "Explosive traps" that Light had planted not long ago, this could be the end of his story but it's really just the beginning.

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