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[2024.05.20] Special Event: Thirst for Knowledge!

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Welcome to the exciting Thirst for Knowledge event! This week, your pursuit for talents will be richly rewarded! Get ready to gain a wealth of knowledge from numerous activities, obtain a unique non-class skill book, and earn more Guild Points – all for the brave heroes of Arinar!

  • 50% off studying all class Talents (less Knowledge required)
  • x3 daily cap on Knowledge earned from Dungeons
  • x2 Knowledge earned from Dungeons
  • x2 daily cap on Knowledge earned from Quests and Arena wins
  • x2 Knowledge earned from Quests and Arena wins
  • x2 Knowledge earned from Dynamic Quests
  • x2 Knowledge earned from Raid Bosses
  • x2 Knowledge earned in Tombs and Outposts
  • x2 Knowledge earned from the Filth's Dungeons, Lords of the Depths, Black Elm Grove, Rusty Wastelands, Music of Magic, Wild Hunt, In Search of the Almonomicon, and Horrors of Dunes guild events
  • The rarest non-class Book of Enhanced Attack Speed can now drop in all Dungeons on Mythical difficulty (with higher drop rates in higher-level dungeons)
  • x2 Guild Points earned from all Dungeons

Event duration: 20.05 13:00 CEST – 03.06 12:00 CEST


See you in the game!
The Warspear Online Team

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