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Hyllach Oihan


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Many centuries ago in ancient Aberystwyth, a very ugly creature of elf lives in the forest of Blackwood.Hyllach Oihan, she has long ears, dangerous teeth, and claws, and disgusting mouth with snake tounge. She was hiding from human and elf who lives in Aberystwyth land. She was always wondering why she has to live with scary looks. Whenever someone comes to the forest to hunt animals, they always get scared and run away when they see her appearance.
It's a torment life for her to live for. She just want to live like other normal elves. Heart is filled with hatred and revenge. All she want to do is to kill them.  She screamed "I can't live this life anymore! Oi folks of Aberystwyth, I will come to you and eat you alive, one by one. Wait for it!". 
With a help from a witch she turned out into a monster with some deadly skill to wreak her hatred.
Location : Anywhere in the dark place
 Skill :
  • Dark Circle (warlock Skill)
  • Snake Poison : This poison come out from her mouth. (Magic dmg skill)
  • Smoke Tornado : It's like the dark smoke shielding around her so she wont be able get attacked for like 3 second or so, the shield do aoe dmg. 


I'm sorry for my bad English. Good luck for all who joining the contest.  :)  :)  :)


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